Saturday, January 12, 2019

in the meantime

so what else have i been up to, then?

we're a bit a ways from it now, but christmas was....fine? definitely better than last year's shitshow of depression, anyway. 2018's holiday-time success may have had a lot to do with the fact that i wasn't home for long; i got to kingston late on the night of the 23rd, then was driven back(!) early on the 27th. the shorter stay time is key.

it was a quick visit and a good christmas (the last family christmas that will be spent fully with this generation - my youngest stepbrother and his wife are expecting now, with the baby showing up around june this year), with enough sephora gift cards to buy me like half the store. it's all i ever really want.

but yeah, mega bonus that will probably never happen again: my mom and stepdad were en route to visiting friends just outside of toronto, so they actually gave me a ride back. because i wouldn't have to navigate train/bus/toronto transit with christmas gifts, that meant i was finally able to ask for some bigger, bulkier things (ie. a bed comforter set; a six-pack of beer from the craft brewery near the island). also, there's a weird sense of pride when your parents see your apartment for the first time and comment favourably on how much space you have. (they also tell you to never move out, which has always been the plan anyway)

from there i had a day's break, then i had to repack all my stuff and head over to housesit/catsit the fancy beast for a few days:

be warned, this is a trap.

as always, though, not a hardship to stay here for a few days:

so since the new year started, it's been a lot of sequestering myself away at home and uhhhhhhhh keeping myself occupied? a notable thing about having all this free time + a chromecast + a new unlimited internet data package is that i've finally been able to catch up on my netflix, both movies and tv series. yes, even old shit that came out in like 2016 that i wasn't able to watch. quick hits on what i've watched so far and have truly enjoyed:

defenders: quick lightweight watch, not truly as bad as everyone said it was but i'm always here for unconventional hero team-ups and also angst-ridden matt. could have done more with a lot of things but such is the constraints of netflix/serialized tv, i guess.

daredevil season 3: super fucking good to the point where i'm still super fucking mad they cancelled this series.

the punisher: i only caught up with this one last month (on the recommendation of emma, who loves ben barnes as much as i do) and was really glad i did, especially since season 2 is out next friday. it's a bit unrelentingly dark and violent, but what would you expect.

(this happened btw)

train to busan: probably one of the best zombie movies i've ever seen. i was late watching this one - it's one of the highest grossing domestic films at the box office in south korea - but holy shit. again with the unrelenting.

bodyguard: i felt about this one like i did about defenders - it was a bit lightweight and more could have been done, but i thoroughly enjoyed the watchthrough, the soundtrack was fantastic, and when they hit the mark on the suspense they really hit it. also, richard madden is a total fox.

cam: awesome thriller, creepy af, and sex-worker positive, so well done on the whole. some scenes from this one still haunt me a little bit.

terrace house: the only season i've watched so far is the most recent (opening new doors) but oh man, am i hooked. it's basically a japanese reality show where six young people live in a house together and....nothing really happens. but at the same time, it's endlessly entertaining and weirdly soothing. perfect long afternoon binge-watch.

babylon berlin: i just started watching this one last week and killed all 17 episodes of the first season within three days. a detective mystery/thriller that takes place in 1929 berlin and it's just fucking excellent. but do yourself a favour and watch it in the original german with english subtitles - the english dub is atrocious. (also i've been reading the translation of the book it's based on and the show was a huge improvement??) give me season 2 already, netflix!

so that's the binge-watching, either by myself or happily ensconsced with friends as we all watch together. otherwise, my free time is currently being taken up by job searching, reading my way through my insane pile of books, drinking my way through my insane collection of tea, working my ass off on my written/spoken german comprehension, getting to the gym a bunch of times a week, and taking long walks while listening to music. such is life.

here's my current obsession. enjoy!

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