Thursday, June 21, 2018

facing forward

hah so apparently i am a prophet:

remember i was just saying in my previous blog post that i had to be ready to go once rammstein announced their new tour dates? well, here it is - or rather, it looks like a special two-night holiday one-off in mexico, where they're insanely popular (and will probably be making very good bank for these shows). but because of this, the ticket prices are jacked way up, like:

and they'll sell that out, just you watch.

....i mean, i won't say it isn't doable for me, because it is, but i don't think i want to take the plunge here. it'd be super epic to see my good german dads for new year's, but i've never particularly wanted to go to mexico (especially by myself), and i would honestly rather save up my money to go see them in europe instead. i still bet they'll sell this one out, though; they're massive in mexico to the point where there's, like, fan riots. another reason for me to nope out, really. (if i had the extra $5000 to spare, clearly i would be doing the 4-night hotel package, but i don't even have the cash to cover anything beyond one, maybe two tickets right now)

also, i'm not sure i believe the above when they say both that the new album drops before the end of the year, and the two mexico shows will be the only dates they play in 2018; if the album comes out in, say, the fall, why wouldn't they do some dates around that? i mean, it could make sense if they release the album in the holiday season, but who knows. everything is speculation at this point, but you better believe the fanclub forum is going nuts. things are finally happening!! like, there'll be new promo photos and a new set list and a new stage production and uhhhhhh yeah, new rammstein songs for the first time in nine years. i'm so excited.

2019 tour set wish list: bring back "der meister", "weisses fleisch" and "adios", add "das modell", "rosenrot" and "amour" (as well as whatever bangers are on the new album). i just wanna dance and maybe cry? idk

hey look it's absolutely me:

but i mean, if you're here reading, you're likely used to my yelling by now. this is my yelling place.

otherwise, i feel good about how things are going in terms of life stuff - while i may not have enough money to fund a new year's trip to mexico to see one of my favourite bands play on a goddamn beach, my savings are growing and my debt is finally getting more manageable. my health is getting on track, my job's going well and i'm really thankful i have it, and i'm just having a moment where i'm grateful i've got all the stuff i've got, you know? plus i've been busy laying out plans for july and august, which include many wrestling shows (obviously), a few big concerts, some more house/cat-sitting, and not one but two(!) late-summer trips to kingston. i am that nerd with a wall calendar in her bedroom that she scribbles on to keep everything straight.

speaking of, it's a busy weekend ahead - my dad is coming to town on saturday for a quick visit (i haven't seen any of my family since uhhhhhhhhh december), then sunday a bunch of us are doing brunch and world cup-watching for sean's birthday before i have to run home and record a wrestler interview(!) with my old pals at the big gold belt podcast. i am very okay with conducting interviews that i don't have to transcribe later.

also here's my astrological chart because i feel like it'll be important at some point (basics: sun in libra, moon in scorpio, virgo ascending):

(it's not that i assume i'll end up with anybody who's astrologically compatible with me, i'm just more interested in seeing which particular traits ring true for me - you can find yours here)


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