Tuesday, May 1, 2018

slipping into the fray

a full slate of busy days lately, my good friends.

yep, i headed downtown last wednesday to be a part of the massive "every sports team in toronto is playing tonight" tailgate party, even though it was crazy crowded and the weather was, uh, less than ideal. i dunno, it just seemed like the right thing to do? it's true that i've largely fallen out of the hockey fandom in recent years - the whole handling of the kane situation really, really turned me off and i never quite got back in - but it's in my blood, and i felt like i owed it to my family of leafs fans (minus my mother's side of habs fans, blech) to go.

despite the rain and the cold, that is:

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whatever my friend dana and i still looked super cute and stuff:

bless filters for being super fun and also making my skin look glowing and nice even though i was soaked to the bone and freezing so hard that i was shaking. (we later found sanctuary in a bar to get food and beer and banish how numb we were.) this is what you do for sports, even if your team loses in the playoffs, as the leafs did that night. sigh.

alongside a few whirlwind days of additional friend hangs - including a visit to my current favourite little bar in toronto, birreria volo - there was a very packed friday off work spent watching a wwe ppv broadcast from saudi arabia in the middle of the day:

and then a screening of avengers: infinity war right after (i'd had a ticket for an earlier showing but skipped it to finish watching the wrestling):

oooooof, what do i even say? longtime readers of my blog will know how much the marvel movies have meant to me over the years; the very first avengers movie was a much-needed distraction crutch for me during my big breakup, and i've always kept up with the latest movies in the all the connected series. i love comic books, and i love big, colourful spectacles of movies. they're the best distraction from the bullshit craziness of the real world.

and this was....again, oooooooooof. i won't spoil anything, but i've made plenty of mentions on twitter already that i found parts of it genuinely distressing, and the last part of the movie still makes me a bit nauseous to think about. not that it was gory or anything, but it was...yeah, distressing is the right word, i think. it was very much the "empire strikes back" of the avengers series. (it also didn't help that i was hammered for a good first third of the movie. i blame too many wrestling beers)

fortunately, sunday brought something to lift my mood out of the post-avengers nihilism: another good live wrestling show with friends!

sure, it was out in the wilds of mississauga and it wasn't a cheap uber ride - plus it was a dry show, much to the chagrin of my companions - but man, what a card, and a packed house for it as well. you can scroll through all the photos i posted on insta here and here:

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oh yeah, and - i broke my "don't get selfies with wrestlers because you inevitably look terrible" rule for a picture with one marty scurll, the villain of professional wrestling:

way to do that dumb face thing you do when you get nervous, me. (for real though, he was super nice and friendly and i got two really great hugs plus my t-shirt autographed, so it was worth it)

drop in some wine-drinking with one of my best friends the other night, and there you have it - a whirlwind of a week. again, going back to that 2018 goals blog post i wrote before new year's, i'm really making an effort to get out and see people and be a part of stuff. there's no excuse, really, now that the weather's warming up and everybody's getting out to enjoy it. while it's still good for me to take time for myself and hit the gym and watch tv and relax solo, i have to remind myself that it's just as important to spend time with my real-world friends. it at least keeps me grateful that i have them. treasure your pals, ya jerks. i know i do.

last but certainly not least: i found this list of the "10 worst rammstein songs" and clearly i have opinions.

notably: how dare the list include genuine bangers like "stein um stein"(!!) "der meister"(!!!) and "seemann" (their greatest love song!) and not dreck like "stirb nicht vor mir" (one of their actual worst songs), "haifisch" (weakest single), or the album version of "asche zu asche" (mehhhhhhh); this list is correct in calling out rosenrot as essentially reise, reise: the b-sides (it's their weakest album by far); and i think we're pretty much all in agreement that the #1 slot deserves it. (we're all a tiny bit embarrassed when it comes to the mariachi song.)

that's all for now! byeeeeeeee

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