Thursday, May 3, 2018

lips like morphine

sup? this is my face (just to remind you that i have one, i'm not just a construct that exists within the internet y'know):

so here's the thing i do: i have unlimited makeovers at sephora since i've qualified for the highest tier in their loyalty program, and i usually go like once a month (they take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour) - just because for one, it's fun, and for two, i like taking notes of new products and techniques to use. and yeah, honestly, for three, it gives me a chance to work on my selfie game and update my personal-brand collateral with some new pics that have actual professionally-done makeup. (in truth, i probably have enough products at home do this stuff myself, but i don't quite have the right brushes or the right, like, contour techniques or anything.)

plus, i'm always told by the girls doing my makeup that i'm one of the "fun" ones - that is, i don't want something simple or soft or nude. i go in there wanting over-the-top bullshit psycho makeup - "i don't care if i look like a terror on the way home, it'll look good in photos later" - and the artists are always gleeful about it. it is, indeed, a ton of fun. makeup should be fun, you know?

throwing it back to my blog posts last summer highlighting some of the products i like to use, here are three quick current hits:

buxom lip gloss in gabby

at this point in my life, i think it's fair to say that i am a lip gloss aficionado - i have way too many in my bag at any given time, and i always want new ones (the more sparkle, the better). but it's also fair to say that this one is very likely my favourite. i originally bought it for rockfest last year, because i wanted a usable high-shine gloss that was slightly on the darker side, and now i'm wearing it all the time. go purple!

urban decay comfort matte lipstick in bad blood

i go between lip gloss phases and lipstick phases depending on the season and what i'm wearing, but whenever i'm in a lipstick mood lately, this is the one i'm grabbing. (either this or the sample i have of rouge dior in 999, but it broke in the tube so i have to apply it with a q-tip :/) it's a solid red - more blue-tinged than orange, which is better with my pasty-ass colouring - and it has incredible staying power.

kat von d metal crush eyeshadow in raw power

my obsession with red/pink eyeshadow has continued unabated, and i picked this one up on sale with zero regrets. i think i've worn it more than any other eyeshadow in the last month or so. it's kind of a deep cerise with a bit of sparkle to it, and it looks the tits with some good black eyeliner/mascara. there's quite a bit of fallout, which is annoying but workable.

now, for wrestling plans for the summer!

- smash wrestling's northern tournament (june 3)
- smash x czw (july 13)
- impact slammiversary (july 26)
- smash wrestling's super showdown (august 26)
- possibly wwe raw and/or smackdown (august 27-28)
- all in (september 1)

i mark these down here so i have stuff to work towards/save money for; it's good for me to have a roadmap. there'll definitely be additions to the list as more promotions firm up their summer plans, but for now, those are the ones i'm aiming to attend. they're all in toronto save for the last one, which is just outside chicago, so, not exactly a hardship for yours truly, chicago megafan.

it's funny because years ago, this would have been me planning out my concerts and tour schedule for the summer, but now it's easier to keep things closer to home. adult job and responsibilities and all that. plus there just aren't as many bands out there these days that i'm as dedicated to, you know? (clearly this all changes if rammstein does tour next year for their 25th anniversary, but...)

still, it feels good to be able to start planning for things coming up through the summer, especially now that the weather's warming up and it's becoming unarguable that the "nice" weather is coming. this also leads me to get into more of a "fix your shit" mode; it's easier to hibernate and close off and wallow in your garbage in the wintertime. once spring and summer show up, you can't avoid people and you can't avoid what you've been putting off. call it spring cleaning for your dumb soul, i guess.

for me, right now, i need to fix up my routines and my mental space, and i need to maintain my friendships and cultivate new ones. i need to get more sleep and drink less coffee. i'm going to get back into journaling (yes, i have an analog one) and try to write a bit every day. i want to look into more tattoos. i need to go see infinity war like at least two more times. i have to stop worrying about the things i can't control and be conscious and gracious about the things i can, always. because it's only me out here, and i'm not like other people.

that's all for now! you know where to find me.

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