Tuesday, May 15, 2018

kiss with a fist

it is time!! for the wrestling!!

or rather, it was - last friday, to be exact. it was time once again for the annual toronto show of ring of honor's war of the worlds tour, and i'd been sitting on a ticket for the event since, uhhhh, january? roh is my favourite wrestling promotion and employs some of my favourite wrestlers in the world, so attending their show here is the highest priority for me.

this year, i even took the day off work so i could get to the east end early (for the last few years, the show's been held at ted reeve area, way out in the reaches of east york) and meet my friends for food and beers beforehand. also, since the doors are at 6 p.m. to allow for an hour and a half of meet & greets and merch-selling, the lineup generally starts around 3:30-4, so we aimed to meet up and start predrinking at 2:30. even with me suffering through a brutal hangover from thursday night, ugh.

so: the week had been a rollercoaster of emotions for ya girl, beginning with the fact that it didn't look like my fave (and roh world champ) dalton castle would be wrestling (gahhhhh), then to the knowledge that he would be wrestling in the main event (yesssss), then to the announcement that he was actually injured and wouldn't be competing after all (booooooooooooo). so, a disappointment for sure, but the injury bug can't be helped.

however. however! i was bet a beer to go talk to sanada, the handsomest wrestler/man in the entire world (and probably my favourite wrestler in new japan), so i threw down my $30 and went to go babble some of my rusty, broken japanese at one-half of the iwgp tag team champions.

(that's me just out of shot, trying not to die) sanada may be a intimidating hypebeast of a man, but he's also very ready with the smiles when faced with a giggly fangirl, especially one who can barely eke out "you are so cool" in japanese (he asked me in english if i'd been to japan! aww). so i got a signed 8x10 photo (i'd bought a sanada t-shirt earlier in the evening but i planned on wearing it so i didn't want it autographed), then asked if i could get a picture of him - "just me?" he asked, and i nodded, because there was no way i would sully these magnificent photos with my dumb face:

the handsomest. i gasped out good-luck wishes for his match later then ran for the hills, shrieking internally. sanada the best.

also, i did this:

look, i was more alcohol than i was dignity at this point, okay? (but sean, who'd been watching nearby, noted to me that page nodded with an "all riiiiight" look on his face as i dashed away, which was a highlight)

alright, here's the best shots i managed to take on the night, you can scroll through on each in instagram:

A post shared by Caitlin H. (@mylovesubliminal) on

A post shared by Caitlin H. (@mylovesubliminal) on

much bonus love especially to roppongi 3k - sho (the one in gold) caught my eye from the top turnbuckle and winked at me so obviously that my friends started yelling and slapping my shoulders. "he just winked at caitlin!!" hahahaha ahhhhh i will take that rather needed ego boost, ありがとうございました.

even though i hadn't initially been so excited for the card (especially compared to last year's greatness), obviously i got so into it once the show started. toronto crowds for roh shows are always loud and hyped as hell, and according to those watching on the stream it definitely translated to the broadcast as well (the good thing is that these aren't treated as non-canon house shows - they all feed into the larger storyline). there's a reason i refer to roh's annual war of the worlds toronto stop as my wrestling christmas: because it's always the most fun gathering of all my wrestling friends and all the best fans in toronto and the surrounding area. add in the fact that it's some of the best wrestling on the planet (that's not wwe) and it's the recipe for a memorable night every year.

and for real, the matches were excellent. got to see a really phenomenal young bucks match (which won over one of my companions, who was only there because her boyfriend is a huge fan), the entirety of los ingobernables de japon, jay white defending the iwgp u.s. title, some really cool angles for tv storylines, and a lot more. the crowd was hot all night, i got to meet up with like a dozen friends, and the vibe was electric. it's incredibly nerdy how much i love roh, but it really does remind me why i love wrestling in general.

so it was a much-needed night of graps and pals and good times, and completely appreciated on all fronts. a bunch of us have already been plotting to catch a buffalo show, if they run another one in the fall like they did last october, so hopefully that ends up on the horizon.

(also dalton castle himself liked one of my tweets this morning, which is more than enough reason to have me grinning like a dope all day.)

happy tuesday!

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