Tuesday, May 29, 2018

butterflies and hurricanes

me, last week: "man, i've been doing such a good job saving up and not spending money. i should be proud! i am the budgeting queen!"
me, over the course of last weekend's drinking: lol

in sum total, things i ended up buying:

- ticket to see depeche mode
- the last rammstein dvd i was missing
- a sephora order
- one-month subscription to memrise

they're all tangentially related, so let's go through them!

so i've been looking to load up june and july with big plans and good times, which means i couldn't let the return of our original synth-goth dads pass me by:

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this will be my third time seeing them live; i missed them last time they were in toronto and ended regretting it immensely, so i didn't want to miss out on this one. depeche mode is one of my favourite bands of all time - their music has been there for me during some of the highest highs and lowest lows of my life - and i want to see them as many times as possible before they finally hang it up for good.

so this is in my concert schedule along with the rise against / afi / anti-flag show in july, which promises to be an awesome time as well. i had such a blast seeing afi at rockfest last summer, and i'm way excited to see them again (without having to go all the way to quebec). gimme all that sweaty outdoor punk rock!

speaking of, a ton of rockfest news is popping up in my feed, due to the fact that it's less than a month away, and even though i'm not going i'm still nostalgically wistful/envious for those attending. the lineup this year just didn't look as impressive to me (plus it's three days now, and as i said last year, two days was more than enough for me), but still, the experience itself was/is a blast. hopefully next year! (though as with everything, it's totally dependent on whether or not rammstein does their next tour in 2019)

good segue to my next idiot purchase: the rammstein - videos 1995-2012 blu-ray, aka the final dvd i was missing in my collection. once it arrives, i'll own all six of their official dvd releases, which means i am obsessed, but like i needed this purchase to tell me that, come on now. i'd left this dvd til the last because it doesn't offer a lot i haven't seen already - all the videos and their making-ofs are available on youtube (plus their previous video compilation dvd, 2001's rammstein - lichtspielhaus, also included a bunch of live footage and extras, which made it more than worth tracking down), which means i mostly bought it for the novelty of getting to watch their videos on my giant-ass tv rather than my laptop.

there's one exception, though - it has the video and making-of for "pussy", which isn't available on youtube because the video is actual porn. it's also the reason that the dvd is rated 18+ and marked as "explicit content":

hellllllllllll yeah, give me those high impact sex scenes & nudity.

(similarly, the sephora order i put in last weekend included a red eyeliner, because the goal is forever to emulate the giant swathes of red that paul had smeared across his eyes on the 2016 tour. he is my favourite, forever. that's also his creepy hairless head on the dvd cover, and you're damn right i shopped around until i found the paul variation. #teampaul)

this loops us around to my final purchase, one month of pro access to memrise, a language learning app that i've been hooked on since march. sure, i've hit over a year with duolingo, but memrise has different learning options, and even more bonus features with a pro subscription. so after using the freemium app for a few months, i'm trying out the full version for one month then seeing if it's worth shelling out for longer. i made the mistake last year of buying 3 months of rosetta stone only to discover that it barely did anything to up my comprehension, so it's time for a trial.

honestly, though, i can't understate how much learning german has done for me. not only is my spoken accent coming along (and i never managed it back when i was learning in school), but the language is becoming instinctive to me in a way where stuff like the incorrect masculine/feminine/neutral or a bad sentence structure looks "wrong" to my brain. that's what comes from over a year of 1) consistently using language apps and 2) listening to bands sing in german every day. it starts to sink in and it blows my mind constantly.

that's a quirk about me: i have to pick up a language intuitively. the minute i start trying to mentally pick it apart and figure out how it works, i'm utterly lost. and this includes english! this is my native tongue, but i'll be damned if i can explain how it works. i just know that it does. (this is also the reason i never became an english teacher. i honestly can't explain the ins and outs of the language.)

also, having a new language toy to play around with gives me something to do while i'm looking after the fancy beast til tomorrow:

lastly, thing i did not buy, but wanted to: this hat.


happy tuesday!

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