Friday, April 13, 2018

from the hands of heaven

hello from me and my seasonal coat bullshit:

(you're not seeing double - it's the same coat, just made out of a different brocade. i like the black velvet one a bit more, but the textured second coat is slightly more all-purpose, so they both get a lot of usage at this time of year. they're not warm, but holy shit are they fun to wear. goth queen of toronto right here)

it's always a little busy around here, i suppose, and i've been mightily preoccupied these last few weeks, but it is what it is. last weekend was wrestling christmas - aka wrestlemania weekend, plus nxt takeover, plus supercard of honor, plus a hundred other indy shows in new orleans - so clearly i was barely sleeping and filling my eyeballs with hot graps action. this weekend there actually is a show here - smash wrestling's it's all fun and games - so that's my sunday taken care of, and saturday i've got a bunch of other plans, so! i'll sleep when i'm dead, i guess. maybe then my liver will actually recover, too.

but hey, life stuff is very fun and greatly entertaining otherwise, i swear it is. i'm continually a little bummed that the cold weather seems to be going away, but i guess maybe i'm ready for spring? at least it's going to give me an excuse to finally buy this jacket:

(spoiler alert: since i just freed myself of my longstanding debt, my inbox has been full of online orders i've been making as i now have money. en route are this dalton t-shirt and these elite leggings, so far.)

i'm still dealing with the seasonal wanderlust, though. this comes up with me badly in the early springtime, and it especially gets me if i don't have any big plans on the horizon to look forward to. i keep feeling the urge to just buy a bus ticket or a plane ticket and get the hell out of here for a while, you know? just, do something crazy and interesting for once. with me there's forever the need to not feel constrained or stuck in one part of my life, and running off somewhere unexpected always tends to be my fallback plan. again, my above addiction to jackets and makeup rather than saving money for travel could be a problem here, so we'll see where i end up this year.

and because i keep talking about disappearing to berlin and refusing to return:

by the grace of my new iphone 8, i have enough room for plenty of apps, so i went ham on the language stuff. it's not gonna surprise anybody that i spent a lot of my evenings crushing as many levels/exercises in duolingo and memrise as i can, right? (i think i've written about it before, but it really does feel good to do something learning-related for me and me alone. it's a nice little thing i can be proud of, especially given how fickle i am when it comes to committing to classes or courses.)

in other/semi-related news, i took the plunge into rammstein's side projects and i'm actually mad about how good richard's is:

shit yeah, emigrate is my new obsession. our one true vampire lord rzk forever. (honestly, it makes me all emotional with pride at the fact that he's fluent in english now, because there's a part in the in amerika documentary where he talks about how he couldn't speak any english at all on rammstein's first american tour in 1998, and it left him really depressed and alienated. but now! our dual-language king!)

and then there are some days when everything is a weird stressful rollercoaster but you go to the used record store downstairs from your office and find a copy of rammstein - lichtspielhaus, one of the only r+ dvds you don't already own, for $10, and things are great again. some things don't really change. (i now own 5 of their 6 dvds, and the remaining one is just a compilation of their music videos and making-ofs that you can find on youtube so i'm not that concerned) (wait let's be real, i'll probably buy the 6th dvd eventually)

coming up: writing this weekend, reading a couple new books, spring cleaning bullshit, friend hangs and dinner dates, too much daydreaming, new moon on sunday, go go go.

and you! be good.

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