Monday, March 12, 2018

live through this

heyyyyyyy, so, remember how last time i blogged about how i'd been sick? it, uh, got way worse. worse to the point that i nearly ended up in the hospital last week. it's not fun when you feel like you can't breathe without wheezing and coughing while doubling over.

but lo, modern medicine is a blessing, and i got put on a run of antibiotics for all last week (i was lucky enough to get a very last-minute appointment with my doctor, who declared it "might be influenza" but loaded me up with prescriptions anyway). still, i basically quarantined myself at home for the majority of the week with plenty of cough medicine and chicken broth as i attempted to fend off death. really, i get sick so rarely these days that i don't have much of a barometer for how terrible i'm supposed to feel, therefore i was probably unreasonably nervous for how severe it was. blech.

it also brought up another thing that i hate admitting: it's such a bummer to be alone/single when you're sick. i'm very self-sufficient - in fact, i had some lovely friends offering to bring me stuff if i needed it, but i prefer to suffer in solitude - but there's just something so pathetically isolating about being by yourself when you feel like trash. it hearkens back to when you were a kid and just wanting your mom to take care of you. but now you're an adult and you're single and there's nobody to check in on you and like, make sure you're not dead. so i mean, as much as i don't get all mopey about being unattached usually, being sick is one of those situations where it'd be useful to have somebody around. like when you need a +1 for a wedding or a christmas party or something.

also, it's a real drag to not be able to drink alcohol for a whole week. (i'd already had half a bottle of red open, so i opted to freeze it for later use in a stew or something. waste not, want not)

still, i managed to pull myself through with so many cups of tea, movies, video games, ice cream, feverish naps, thankful little distractions, and music. i survive. i'm a tough brat.

on the plus side, i got my wing dress the same day as i got my antibiotics, so it was a good day:

it's, um...."flimsy" is a good word, as well as "borderline indecent", but i've worn things that short before, so. and i think it'll hold up fine, especially now that i've given it a good ironing and reinforced all the stitches and seams. (i received a very comprehensive sewing kit from my mother for christmas a couple years ago, and it's come in handy for so many small fixes.)

but looooooooooooooooooook my tattoo is right there and i love it. (i can't really understate the fact that there are so, so many of us who've gotten the band's logo tattooed. i'm not even a rarity. it's like a rite of passage at this point.)

so anyway, this whole week is gonna be devoted to catching up on everything i pushed off while i tried desperately to recover. that means i've got a bunch of social good times planned - bar nights and lunches and dinners and long-awaited catch-up/hangout sessions - as well as moving fast to get back up to speed with my workload. i should note that fortunately i am feeling a lot better - the cough is still hanging around, but not as persistent, and at least the exhaustion/fever/migraine/wooziness is gone - so it's not like this is too much of a hardship. it's just the whole getting back in the swing of things that can be tricky.

however: i'm back housesitting/catsitting this weekend!

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emma's out of town again to see family, so i'm crashing in her little apartment and looking after her tiny panther from friday til sunday. only a few days away from my own place, so that's not too tough. also, maybe taking care of a black cat on st. patrick's day will bring me luck. could always use more.

that's all for now! happy happy mid-march.

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