Tuesday, February 6, 2018

take me outta context

even with a side of sickness, i managed to start february on the right foot!

although both jenna and i, as seen above, were internally not feeling up to snuff (she had lingering food poisoning, i had a rapidly developing cold), we still wanted to take advantage of free tickets to the art gallery of ontario's first thursdays event. art! culture! djing! (but no selfie sticks allowed, that photo was the only one i managed to snap in time)

i like the art gallery a whole lot, but because it is big and prestigious and all that, there are always so many staff members milling around and watching you with an eagle eye to make sure you don't fuck up an expensive painting or whatever. and if there's one thing that makes me uncomfortable, it's staff hovering around me, whether it's in a retail store or a gallery. so sure, i know it's their job and all, but it doesn't make me want to hang out too much. oh well.

then i rolled on through the weekend, which included drinking wine on fire escapes in the middle of a blizzard and a super bowl party full of snacks:

definitely a get-together worth attending, even though i was still exhausted and battling my hangover from the previous night's wine-drinking on fire escapes, et cetera. sometimes you just gotta push through.

so now here's a swerve: i'd said that i would be hosting a cat in my apartment all these week, but at the last minute i decided i was just going to do the combo housesit/catsit for the third time (fifth, if you count my old friends in the east end):

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to be honest, it's not super convenient for me to be out of my own apartment for a week (my apartment is my favourite place), but it's just easier than having to cat-proof my place. i have a very large houseplant that i love, but is toxic to cats; i have numerous dangly things hanging off doorknobs that could be mangled; i do not have the money to replace anything that could get ruined. i'd long since determined that i wouldn't be getting a pet of my own, so i never thought about these things at all when setting up my own place. so the idea of putting a small animal in my space - one of the few environments that i can more or less fully control - wasn't all that appealing. (that, plus the impending havoc it would wreak on my nerves/anxiety at any of the impossible scenarios my brain could come up with. what if the cat knocks over my tv? what if it chews a cord and starts a fire??)

that means that yes, hello, my home base for this week will be my friend's little flat slightly northeast of downtown. i'm gonna be with the li'l kitkat until saturday morning, then emma will return and i'll head back home. as i've said before, it's not a hardship by any means - it's cozy, i have wifi, there's wine - it's just not super close to my work and sort of out of my usual routines. but i'm a good friend, and i try to be there when people need me.

also, unfortunately for my wallet, there's a sephora right on the walk home. oop.

but i dunno, change of scenery is also good every once in a while. i've been feeling a bit stuck in my personal life lately, and maybe this'll be good to help me make some decisions and move past some roadblocks and distractions. i know, i hate being vague, but yeah. some things are just a lot more difficult than they should be, is all.

even though absolutely no one else will care, here's my top 5 rammstein songs that i'm not sure if they've ever played live but i would kill to see on the next tour:

1. amour
2. mein land
3. der meister
4. das modell
5. vergiss uns nicht

and lastly, look, i'm a paul girl forever, but then our one true vampire lord richard shows up looking like this and gives me a goddamn aneurysm:

(i only saw this footage for the first time the other week and i made a weird strangled keening noise when i saw all the black lipstick)

okay have a good day

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