Thursday, February 15, 2018

anywhere but home

(programmer's note: it's always hilarious and entertaining to me how whenever i write blog posts that even hint at my potential love life - or, um, lack thereof - my blog traffic absolutely goes through the roof. you thirsty, curious darlings. is it that weird that i'm single? trust me, i would at least mention if there was somebody.)

so yeah, i'm back in my own space after a week of housesitting/catsitting in the northeast end, and both house and cat were left in good condition. the location may be a little out of the way for me - and trudging through so much ice and slush and heavy snow for pretty much the entire week was trash - but getting to curl up in a cozy little ravine suite while the snow fell outside was most excellent. (i also spent a lot of evenings going through all the rammstein making-of videos and cackling.)

i mean, this sure wasn't a tough friday night:

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still, i'm always glad to be home. i've said it so many times, but my apartment is my favourite place, and i don't really feel fully at ease until i'm recharging in my home base. it's got all my things in it! (plus, like, a general good vibe and very nice decor) i've lived in my current place for almost six years now and i don't see myself leaving anytime soon, especially not when i list "great and affordable apartment all to myself" under the things that i'm constantly thankful for.

i've mentioned it before, but it's maybe a little dumb that my apartment keeps me locked down to the city; if i were to ever thinking about leaving or going somewhere else, that would also mean considering giving up my place, and noooooooooo no way. if you know anyone who lives in toronto, you've likely heard about how insanely tough it is to find a decently affordable apartment in a good part of the city. i lucked out six years ago, and i intend on riding that goddamn wave until i get to the point where, i dunno, i want to cohabitate with someone again? eh, who knows.

speaking of feeling thankful, i had my employee review a few days ago (have officially been at my job for a year and three months!), and it went swimmingly while also reminding me how lucky i am to work somewhere i like with people i like working with. aside from all the built-in bonuses of being employed - regular pay, health benefits, etc - it just feels good to enjoy what i do with the people i do it with. it's a little thing, but it means a lot.

like, i've been of a mood lately where i'm just really glad that i've got what i've got, you know? there have been periods in my life when i've had so much less than this, or when i haven't been as lucky, and thinking back on those times always gives me perspective on how good i've got it right now.

and look, i dunno. i had a turbulent few months in there, for a while, but i had good friends to rely on and some excellent music to drown myself in, and i did have to put in the work, but things have gotten better and i'm doing alright, for the most part. roll on, rest of the winter.

wrestling t-shirts intact, as always. (another bonus for my workplace is that i wear wrestling t-shirts, like, at least two days a week. i think most people just think they're band t-shirts.)

next week is a short one!: monday is a stat holiday in ontario so i have that off, then i'm working tuesday and wednesday, and then i've booked thursday and friday off because of wrestling, basically. (thursday i'm off to mississauga for nxt, and up early friday morning - and saturday as well - for the combined njpw/roh 2-day ppv special) i can get down with a 2-day work week followed by a shit ton of wrestling, for sure.

alright, i'm out! tell me something fun, and be good.

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