Thursday, January 25, 2018

storms and saints

come on, what do you think i've been up to?

it's good to have a hobby.

no, for real, i've written about it before but it is way nice to have something reliable and fun to do all the time and that, my friends, is watch wrestling. whether it's live or on tv, it's just a great reason to get out of the house and get together with friends to scream at people pulverizing each other in a ring. i was thinking about this the other night - that it's just really nice to have something to be so passionate about, and to be able to have that shared passion with others. it makes the doldrums of life more bearable.

plus: wrestling trivia last night! as fun and aggravating as always.

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coming up is this saturday, wherein i will convene with pals corey and amanda and catch up on that morning's njpw new beginning in sapporo ppv, followed by the newest nxt: takeover ppv. on sunday, it's the royal rumble, which is probablyyyyyyyy my favourite of all of wwe's ppvs. sure, we end up let down and disappointed every year, but hope springs eternal, right?

but as always with me, there is also this in perpetuity:

maybe i yelled a lot when i finally received my very own copy of live aus berlin, their homecoming show at the parkbühne wuhlheide after their first headlining tour of north america in 1998?? really, who can say.

also, i can neither confirm nor deny that i finally got the völkerball dvd as well, thereby completing my collection of rammstein live concert dvds (they have four). plus it came with anakonda im netz, one of the documentaries i hadn't yet seen (they have many documentaries), so i am now completely equipped to write any gateway/getting-started pieces you may need. (one of the best/most hilarious things about ordering from the rammstein-shop is that the warehouse is in berlin and only has a single shipping option to canada: fedex 2-day delivery, so i basically get my package the day after ordering)

in the meantime, a more general/relatable topic: let's talk self-care!

look, it's the dead of winter, people are stressed out, and not enough people are taking the time to take care of themselves. i'm not particularly susceptible to it, really; when you are the #1 person in your life, it can be a bit easier to focus on yourself rather than other people. i've got a lot of time for me, and it's generally a good thing, but there's still (and always) the usual stress and bullshit from various life factors, which means i still need tactics to take care of myself - particularly in the months when everyone is cold and grouchy and cooped up.

so here are my wintertime self-care rituals, or at least the stuff that works for me to help me unwind and get re-centered in a good/better place:

exercise: look, i don't enjoy working out; i am an inherently lazy person. but i can't deny that i do feel a big sense of accomplishment after i'm done. it's that sense of satisfaction in knowing that i've taken the time to do something good for myself. it's when you know you could have taken the easy way out and just bailed, but you stuck to your guns and did something you really didn't want to do. so that's what exercise is for me, and the fact that i can get my blood pumping and mood boosted is just a bonus. (i typically go for an hour 4-5 nights a week, usually after work or on weekend mornings) also underrated: long walks. bundle up, put music on and just go go go.

Safe harbour

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baths: i've always loved baths, but i really got into them last winter. i've been fortunate enough to consistently have apartments with bathtub-shower combos (my vancouver apartment even had a whirlpool bath!), so i love taking advantage by just heading to lush and going to town on bath bombs. i also really love reading books in the bath, but if you also try it, be sure to have a hand towel nearby so you can keep the book relatively dry when you go to turn the pages.

wine: (usually in conjuncture with the above) this is a tricky one, because too much wine def = drinking problem, but hot damn if i don't love a couple glasses of red wine to wind down in the evenings. also, i don't prefer to drink wine in the summer because it's too heavy for me (i don't like white wine), so i go all the fuck in on the red - and pack away the vodka - once the weather gets chilly. it's a nice switch and it helps me feel happy, leave me alone.

music (and writing): two things i love, together! i do the majority of my writing early in the morning or late at night, but having music on in the background is essential. even when i'm not writing, though, i need to have music always. if i'm feeling out of sorts, favourite sounds and songs generally bring me back. it's a comfort that i have never found an equal to.

books: read a book, please. the amount of people i know who don't read is staggering. having an afternoon or an evening to just settle down on the couch under a blanket with a good book is one of the best de-stressors i know.

okay, that's all i got. drop me an anonymous line and let me know what you think about life, the universe and everything.

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