Wednesday, January 31, 2018

something to fill my time

alright so let's end january 2018 with a good ol' fashioned "get to know your blogger" session! (mostly because i refuse to clog my twitter followers' timelines with those "for every like i will tell you a fact about me" memes)

here's 25 things about me that you probably didn't know, maybe:

1. when i'm at work, i usually put a single song on repeat for my entire day - like, 6-8 hours of the same song over and over again - and not think twice about it. it's just pleasant background noise. (conversely, i don't listen to podcasts. i grew up in a house that always had talk radio on, and so i hate talk radio, and podcasts remind me way too much of talk radio.)

2. i love flowers and plants and green things. i worked as a florist when i was a teenager, and i used to pore over my mother's gardening catalogues when i was a kid. i had my own gardens by the time i was eight. you can still so easily win me over by buying me flowers.

3. the amount of money i spend on beauty & skincare products isn't...indecent, but it is by far my biggest monthly investment. (i have qualified for sephora's vib rouge loyalty tier three years in a row.)

4. my early-to-mid-20s fashion aesthetic could be described as "fetish goth" (there are plenty of photos out there to support this). i still have an entire bag - and half a closet - full of my old pieces, even though i have basically nowhere to wear them out anymore. hasn't stopped me from buying two harness bras and a new o-ring collar in the last six months, though.

5. i have never actually traveled off the continent. like, ever. it's happening in december!

6. i have a green belt in shotokan karate-do, and some additional minor weapons training in bo and tonfa.

7. i was trained as a vocalist for almost two years, and i've taken piano and guitar lessons for just over a year. despite this, i was never that great at being a musician, so i've never actually tried my hand at it seriously.

8. i've always said that i don't have "a type" when it comes to the guys i'm attracted to, but i showed my friend photos of my most recent crushes and she rolled her eyes and sarcastically said, "oh, you don't have a type at all." and yeah, i can see it. (no specifics given, but they do share a lot of the same physical characteristics. god damn it.)

9. i'm an ex-cosplayer (video games and anime, mostly). yes, i still have photos; no, you don't get to see them.

10. people assume that my love of pro wrestling and rammstein came out of nowhere, but actually, the genesis of both happened when i was 15. i first got into both interests more or less simultaneously in 1999-2000, which ended up laying the groundwork for my current re-obsessions. thanks for the credibility, teenage me!

11. i'm iffy about shopping online for clothes because i have a weird body shape: very long legs, very short torso, typically a medium but sometimes a large or even a small depending?? the only place i am currently comfortable buying from is pretty attitude, with accessories from kadabra.

12. i'm so solidly into writing that i sometimes get uncomfortable with speaking, because i get wrapped up in my words not coming out correctly (sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain). this gives me a lot of nervousness around public speaking and presenting, but i'm trying to get better.

13. i'm really into all the fun mystical stuff: crystals, tarot, candles, horoscopes, moon phases, you name it. i may be going to new orleans this spring and you know i'm gonna have a hell of a time.

14. i don't care for nutella, but i eat an entire jar of peanut butter almost every week. i'd have a hard time in germany.

15. i was a vegetarian for just over a year in 2007-08 before i backslid due to me being drunk and there being bitondo's pepperoni pizza available. (going veggie had actually been pretty bad on my health; i ended up super anemic, my periods got weird, my hair started falling out, etc)

16. i have a tilted uterus. in fact, according to my doctor at my last yearly physical, the most tilted one he's ever seen ("it's like it's backwards"). this really has no bearing on anything - apparently popping out a kid can straighten it out - but i find it sort of hilarious.

17. i'm a minor hypochondriac, just enough that it's annoying as hell on my anxiety.

18. i have skin allergies to a lot of metals (nickel, gold to a certain carat, some minerals in makeup) and pine resin. no food allergies, which is great because i will basically eat anything (other than olives and eggplant).

19. i can pick up things with my toes and flare my nostrils to comical sizes. double-jointed elbows, too.

20. i hated coconut when i was a kid, but now i can't get enough of it. same goes for strong cheeses. (i was also really late to get into coffee and wine, as an adult.)

21. as i said, i don't have many food aversions, but i do have weird ones about people commenting on what i'm eating, people watching me eat, people effusing loudly about how good their meals are ("mmmmmm oh my god this is so good!!"), etc. etc. i don't know. ("yummy" is my least favourite word in the english language.)

22. i have never learned how to drive a car, and honestly at this point i probably just won't because it's hilarious that i've made it this far as an adult without knowing how to drive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

23. i have such a bone-dry sense of humour that it's rare something makes me laugh really hard, including typical comedies, stand-up routines and so on. this leads a lot of people to think that i don't have a sense of humour; i do, but it's very specific: satire, sarcasm, and offbeat/weird twitter mostly.

24. i have pretty bad skin - like, reasonably terrible hormonal adult acne that worsens along with my cycle. you wouldn't notice it on the offset, because i've had to get really good at using foundation/concealer, but my complexion generally isn't great and there's not much i can do to fix it. sigh.

25. my m.o. my entire life has been to work against type/expectation. it's so much more fun when you're underestimated.

and i'm still my own person.

and that's the most important thing.

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