Tuesday, January 2, 2018

cut it out and then restart

alright! so here we are in 2018. if you missed my 2017 recaps/2018 goals blog post from a couple days ago, the words right there are hyperlinked for your convenience, so please to enjoy. (it's always a little sad to see my previous year's blog posts all get condensed under dropdowns on the righthand nav bar, but oh well, fresh beginnings et cetera)

in the meantime, here's some regular-flavour recaps to what else i've been up to over the last couple of weeks:

my holidays were...not great? i wasn't in the best space to deal with emotional stress, and going back to kingston always means being micromanaged within an inch of my life, which is already a hard adjustment when i am 110% independent in my everyday life back in toronto. so yeah, whatever. got through it, vowed to spend next christmas in europe, the end.

here's at least a few snaps to show how frigid it was out there on the island:

i don't know if it was the cold air or the hard water in the pipes, but my complexion was dry to the point of peeling by the time i left, and i never get dry skin. gross. (but if you know me, you know that i have skincare solutions and products for basically everything, so i got my dumb face back in order as soon as i returned home)

but then come last wednesday, i jumped on the bus back to toronto and returned to civilization. blessed.

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as the caption there says, i still had almost a full week of vacation left, so i set about making it as busy and productive as possible: first, i had agreed to housesit/catsit for emma while she was away in new york city for new year's, which meant i was out in rosedale from thursday the 28th til, er, last night. like back in september, it was no hardship to stay in her nice little flat and look after her adorable cat brody:

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in between that, since i didn't have to truck to and from the office every day, i was able to make time for multiple friend hangs, plenty of wine, running errands (see: tackling ikea the day before new year's eve, which was a thrill and a half let me tell you), and obviously this:

but! there were a couple of big-ticket events interspersed with the housesitting: for one, i had a pass to go see the guillermo del toro: at home with monsters exhibit at the art gallery of ontario before it closed on the 7th, so i headed downtown on friday to check out this gothy goodness:

i love so many of gdt's films, and i'm always stoked to see that he cites frankenstein as being a huge influence - anyone who loves and respects shelley's original novel is one of my people, as it's also long been one of my favourites. but it was so cool, too, to see props from the hellboy movies (which i adore) as well as the dresses from crimson peak, a movie i went bananas for when it came out a couple years back:

how can you go wrong with a turn-of-the-century supernatural gothic thriller with tom hiddleston? like, you can't. end of. (it was also partially filmed in my hometown, which was hilarious)

then on saturday night, there was a wwe house show here in toronto!

A thing that is happening

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i'd thought about skipping it - money was tight, and i have so many other wrestling shows to go to in the next couple of months - but drunk me clearly would not let myself miss it, as i imbibed too much wine on christmas eve and ended up grabbing a ticket online. it's just hard to miss out on any big wrestling events that are happening in town, you know?

all in all, it was a good time with good company, i was wretchedly hungover the next day, and oh thank god for weekends.

also, additional goal to the list i posted a few days ago: i've continued to refine and fix up my apartment. for starters, the cleaning service did a great job getting it back down to a base sparkly clean, but i also decided to start reorganizing, adding new decor and tossing some older stuff. i finally sorted out my lighting situation for my living room, added some art to the bathroom, put up wall hooks for my kimono bathrobes, strung some new fairy lights across the windowsill, dumped and recycled a bunch of worn-out stuff, and so on. i want to go ahead and add a few more plants and art pieces over the next few weeks/months, too, to make it not only further livable for me but also to be a welcome space for people to hang out.

because - semi-buried lede - i'm having a bunch of people over this thursday morning at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. to watch a japanese wrestling ppv. so i really wanted to get my place in order for that, as well as for the year to come. new year! new beginning! same apartment i've had for six years now but whatever i love it so much i will never leave!

so all in all, i'm pretty sure i accomplished my mission to make the goddamn most out of my time off. it's rare that i take long stretches of time off work, but the holidays basically dictate it every year (see: hardly anybody is in the office), so it was really nice to have the extra days to kickstart getting my apartment in order and getting things back to normal after being in kingston. and now it's also nice to be back at the office doing good work with good people, as one does.

happy 2018, be good, but not too good.

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