Thursday, January 11, 2018

aces up your sleeve

and lo, 2018 became the winter that i officially gave up looking cute for being comfortable. in case you missed it, this is my current parka, the rammstein women's winter jacket (yes, they sell branded winter jackets; they've merched everything):

this has quickly become my favourite winter coat; not only is it covered in the band's logo (mostly in subtle patches and stamped buttons, but a big stitched r+ is blazed on the back under the hood), but it's waterproof and warm as hell with a big hood and a million deep pockets. it's honestly like wearing a shapeless sleeping bag, so it's not flattering at all, but i love it. i have to admit i didn't have the highest hopes when i bought it; sure, i paid a pretty penny (just over $300, in case you're wondering about how little shame i have), but it is band merch at the end of the day. however, i have learned to never doubt the germans when it comes to quality engineering.

so while i've been inside sheltering from the cold, i've been putting way, way too much effort into fixing up my apartment. according to my to-do list, here's what i have crossed off (that is, what i've accomplished already):

- hang my blown-up r+ photo my stepdad gave me for christmas
- set up 2 new floor lamps
- get salt lamp
- get new pillow
- reorganize liquor cabinet
- change shower curtain / get liner
- set up ps3
- dust bathroom vent out
- toss out expired fridge stuff
- resort bookshelf / toss old magazines

(all of this got done in a flurry of activity over like, the last week or so. when i get into projects, i really get into them.)

also, "get art for bathroom", which ended up being this rad piece:

i mean, it's really just perfect. ($30 at chapters, btw)

all told, i'm glad that my ridiculous frenetic whirlwind of home improvement is more or less finished; it's not cheap to overhaul so many things, because even though a lot of them are little, they do add up. (and i still have items on my to-do list like "get new comforter/bed set", "buy new computer speakers" etc.) i'm super aware that i got whacked pretty hard by post-christmas debt, and it's beginning to feel like months between paycheques. but, i keep telling myself that it's just money, and a small tradeoff to finally get things in order. there's really nothing like feeling satisfied with/in your living space, you know?

salt laaaaaaaaaaamp!

again, i have to keep an eye on my budget when it comes to being social around town, but it's all a small tradeoff for good hangs. to that extent, there's some fun stuff coming up this month already: brunch with my girl emma on saturday (boozy? obviously), return to hawaii bar with jenna next week, in-work activities that i'm looking forward to, smash wrestling's next show on the 21st, then the return of wwe trivia on the 24th. and then, of course, is the big nxt takeover/wwe royal rumble weekend, which always brings a plethora of viewing parties and get-togethers with other wrestling fans in the city. ( which i am usually one of the only women - if not the only woman - which is my natural state of contentment and happiness, tbh)

really, i'm mostly just glad for where i am now considering where i was one year ago. last january was such a desolate month for me, trying to reframe my life in the wake of a breakup and becoming aware that maybe i didn't have anywhere to go. day by day, i had to realize that i needed to stand on my own two feet, and that i had to stop relying on others to define me. although i had to rip things up and start again, it was the start of a good trajectory for me in 2017...but it did start with a pretty garbage january, so 1) i'm glad i'm not there now and 2) i suppose that's a lesson in itself. from small things, big things come.

anyway, looping back to the start, here's the current song obsession:

(hey, there's my tattoo!) see, pretty much all of rammstein's song topics fall into one of two categories:

1. vikings/sailors/weird pastoral shit
2. absolutely offensive obscenities

the above ("don't forget us" - weißt du noch, im märz...?) is more of #1, but it's dark as hell anyway while still being majestic af. i love them, the end.

p.s. the number of sarahah anons (yes, my comment box is still open, you can leave me an anonymous message here!) who've been commenting recently on how strong my fashion aesthetic is: thank you, i love you all. (i'm really mostly aping paul and richard's "cool goth vampire lords" look.)

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