Wednesday, December 20, 2017

living after midnight

it is here! holiday party season.

me and my best girl emma at my office's holiday party on december 1st. ho ho's

...okay, i mean, it's more or less over by now, and many of us are just focusing on getting our shopping done and getting home for the holidays because holy shit are they ever coming up soon. i was so focused on my vancouver trip that i barely even thought about the fact that christmas was on the immediate horizon, which is only a bit weird because i love the festive season, but i've got a one-track mind most of the time. (also, vancouver was very very pretty all dressed up for christmas, so i definitely got some of that vibe while i was away at least)

not as many holiday parties this year didn't mean i still couldn't pick up this much-longed for romper, though:

honestly, i saw that cute little dress online, like, a month ago, but hadn't found it in stores until a couple weeks back. the price tag wasn't too horrifying, so i picked it up. i'm glad i already happen to own boob tape. (come on, of course i own boob tape.) (it's not like i have a lot of boob to tape down, but i do get a bit self-conscious wearing things that are low-cut, so yeah, time to tape that shit in.)

here's the kit paired with the face full o' slap (and a different filter):

hope you’re keeping some kind of record

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(the caption is from leonard cohen's "famous blue raincoat" - i always listen to tori amos's killer cover of it a lot at this time of year) sometimes i wear torn jeans and wrestling t-shirts, sometimes i get fancy. i am multitudes.

see: this very perfect tweet encapsulating me.

ahhhh, there it is.

still, partying aside, i've been wayyyyyyyy behind on getting my christmas stuff done and dusted. to be fair, i knew i'd be in the shit - like i said, i'd decided that i was just going to focus on my vancouver trip first and foremost, and take care of christmas stuff after i got back - but yeah, it's been a mad scramble on this year. i got pretty hosed on travel costs to kingston because i waited too long to book anything, and i had to dash around to a bunch of stores this past weekend to get all my gift shopping finished. i have a pretty large extended family and not a lot of imagination (read: i don't see my family all that much, so i don't really know what they want or need), so like, gift cards for everybody! (me included, thx)

yet tomorrow i'm cashing in on one of my more unconventional gift requests: i asked my mom if she could pay for me to get a one-time cleaning service on my apartment. yes, i have a maid coming in tomorrow. it absolutely feels a little bougie, but it's going to be a one-off thing for me, just because my place feels really grimy in the corners and stuff. my shower/bathtub is a monstrosity and i want to be able to have some good soaks when i return from kingston.

(also, i have a brief housemate joining me when i get back: i'm catsitting emma's little kitty brody for a week while she's away in nyc. more reason to at least have a base clean to start with.)

in the meantime, there was wrestling last weekend!

...yeah, it's a rare weekend when there isn't something wrestling-related going on in toronto, really. (my father, who calls me every sunday, has long since learned to ask "so what wrestling stuff is happening today?") that's one of the best parts about living in this city, for me anyway - if there isn't a ppv on tv to watch on sundays with friends, then there's an indy show happening somewhere in toronto. this month, i went out to greektown wrestling in the east end, particularly because they had the two joeys on their bill: joey janela and joey ryan, whom i both adore.

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i was also the lucky recipient of joey's blow-pop (which, yes, i sucked on throughout the match because what are you gonna do):

pro wrestling is hilarious and fun, forever.

at the same time, though, there was also a wwe ppv happening, so not only did i join my regular crew beforehand to play some wwe 2k14, but i left and came back after the wrestling show was done to finish off the ppv with everyone. it's a very convenient day in toronto when all the public transit is free. so that made for three late nights in a row - i watched roh final battle on friday night, then went to a dive bar with girlfriends on saturday - but i really wanted to cram as much facetime with friends in as possible before we all depart for our respective families and homes.

speaking of that, i'm outta here soon - today is my last day at work before holidays, then it's emma's birthday tomorrow night so i wanted to stick around for that, but i'm taking the bus to kingston on friday afternoon and i'll be there with my family until december 27th. no computer, so likely no blog posts til i'm back, but i'll still be tweeting like mad and instagramming festive photos (my mother goes all out with decorating the house), so you can still follow along with my dumb life if you choose!

ok be good, stay awesome.

p.s. i don't flog it as much anymore but my sarahah is still operational, if you ever want to drop me an anonymous line in this holiday season of madness.

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