Tuesday, November 7, 2017

but now it's on you

it's a pretty humourous state of affairs when i have to look over my twitter and instagram (and to a lesser extent, my photos on my phone) to remember all the stuff i've been up to lately, but oh well, here we are.

as someone (ashamedly) at the vib rouge tier of sephora - for the uninitiated/innocent, that means i spend a shitload of money at sephora yearly, and ughhhh my membership is solid straight through until december 2018 - that also means i can schedule free 45-minute makeovers whenever i want, and i'll absolutely admit that i go for one maybe once a month. because for one, they really do help me learn better techniques, and for two, uhhhh i like being able to take good selfies with a well-done makeup job by a professional. i still have no faith in my contouring abilities.

but now it is finally the time for the outfit i've wanted to wear since i ordered it in august!!

seriously, like i said on twitter, wearing that velvet coat is like wearing a black hole. it's basically an absence of light. pair it with the elbow-length fingerless leather gloves i ordered and my tall lace-up stompy boots, and it's my favourite richard-inspired outfit right now. (unfortunately i can't wear it when it rains, but that's when i can wear my dark grey brocade coat that is absolutely identical to the above)

honestly, i've never been a fashionista of any kind, but it's such a boost to your day when you feel confident and cool in your outfit, you know? and it's a nice testament to having 1) a well-paying job and 2) a constantly refined sense of fashion if you can pull it off to your own standards - and mine are obviously a little on the darker side. probably well-expressed in my new pinned tweet:

(this means i had to drop the plug for my sarahah, but you can still send me anonymous messages if you want!)

~looks~ aside, over here it's shaping up to be, like october, another wacky four weeks. it's a super busy month at my job (fun fact: i'm just about to celebrate my one-year anniversary!), which means it's kind of like getting on a rollercoaster and just riding the waves as they go. but on the other side of all this is december, when things calm down a bit more and the city gets all festive and i can look forward to 1) christmas and 2) time off. (i barely took any time off for christmas last year because i was still new and hadn't accrued my paid vacation days yet.)

yet november's always been a bit of a weird month for me; when i was younger, it was a big month of the sads, so i was usually bleak and moody and struggling with ennui for the majority of 30 days. but over the last few years, i've really worked hard to turn that around in my mind - i've come to love the dark evenings and cold weather, and i've embraced all the good stuff about early winter (warm clothing, blankets, endless cups of tea, etc). that's not to say that my approach works for everyone, obviously; get help if you need it, be it therapeutic or pharmaceutical, i would never judge. but for me personally, what i do is enough to keep me going. plus i have a lot of good fun stuff to distract me right now - wrestling! music! makeup! wine! boys! - so i'm sure i'll be fine.

in the meantime, i'll spare you any more song analyses but i am obsessed with this live rendition right now (and this after disliking "mutter" for months and months because i really couldn't do their ballads when i first started but now i love them all??):

p.s. i shrieked about it on instagram already, but all month rammstein is holding a fan photo contest to find the best photo shot on the most recent tour (2016-17). this was my entry. i think i've got a pretty decent chance at placing, no? (all the prizes are great, but first place gets 1) their photo published on the band's official insta and 2) a copy of the photo printed out and autographed, which would be just so cool. wünsch mir glück!)

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