Sunday, October 1, 2017

you or someone like you

hello! it's been a while, been busy.

so, we finally made it: it's fall, thank god. i am at full power in this chilly weather and these long dark evenings. i swear i'm almost overwhelmed at the wardrobe change that fall necessitates, but i'm at least so thankful that i don't have to worry about sweating so hard that my makeup slides off my face or my bras start sticking to my body. (we got off lightly in toronto this summer, i know, but i'm still opposed to the heat in any sense.)

also means i can finally, finally get out the beautiful coats (and long fingerless gloves) i bought back in august:

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this is exactly the look i wanted to aim for this fall. great success! (i wore the black velvet version to a friend's birthday party last night and it looked phenomenal. just so pleased. everybody go shop at pretty attitude! also buy me this dress plz)

for me (and most canadians), october also means travel to spend the thanksgiving holiday with family; this time in a week, i'll be on day 2 of my annual kingston sojourn for thanksgiving/my birthday/my dad's birthday, likely already full of cheese and deep in my cups. i'm outta town this coming saturday, abandoned on the island until the following wednesday, then screaming back to toronto to unpack, repack, get some sleep, and head back to the bus station thursday morning for buffalo. (i've obviously got all of next week booked off work. vacation!!)

in between, there'll be not one but two massive thanksgiving dinners (as standard when you've got a split family), a lot of being shuffled to and from the island, subdued birthday celebrations (i'll be with my family, after all), and so much wine. so much wine. pray for my liver.

and then whew, buffalo: getting in around noon on thursday the 12th, eating all the wings ever with my buddy joe, then checking in to the hotel and getting cleaned the fuck up for ring of honor that night! news is coming fast and furious on what the deal is for the show, but here's the list of talent making appearances, albeit no full match card just yet. i already wailed a lot about how my favourite wrestler, our glorious peacock lord dalton castle, isn't on the card (which is pretty inconceivable), but it's at least nice to see that we're getting to see some wrestlers who weren't at the toronto show back in may. time to cross marty scurll, minoru suzuki, war machine, and toru yano off my wrestler must-see list!

and come on, i get to see the elite wrestle not just once but twice in a span of six months? blessed 2017.

so i mean, all of this is to outline that my first couple weeks of october are gonna be pretty insane, and the rest of the month is looking to follow suit, so i might not have a lot of blogging time. i'll do my best to pop in with recaps of kingston/birthday and buffalo madness (did i mention i'm sticking around in buffalo for an extra day? and that i'm careening around to all my favourite american stores and ransacking them?), but i make no guarantees for the rest.

in the meantime, i always make more frequent (read: daily) updates on both twitter and instagram, so follow along for your regular dose of my bullshit and insanity. also, you can go ahead and subscribe to my blog updates so you'll get a notification whenever i post something. at least, i think that's how it works.

anyway, i'll be back here on my birthday next monday! be good, but not too good please, that's boring.

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