Monday, October 9, 2017

time stands still

okay so it's my birthday today and i want to say some things.

i've been kicking around for a while and blogging even longer, so i'd like to think that i maybe know some stuff. i'm halfway decent at giving advice (and a very good listener), so no matter what happens in my life, i always try to sort it out and see what i can learn from it, good or bad. so i've always found that my birthday is a good moment to step back and assess what i've accomplished over the past twelve months.

since my birthday in 2016, i got more into the indy wrestling scene. i saw a ton of the bigger wrestling promotions. i met my favourite wrestler at last (and twice)! i began teaching myself german and seven months later i'm more than halfway to being fluent. i got a rad new tattoo and i finally got my nipples pierced. i'm still at my (now no longer new) job and still enjoying the hell out of it, almost one year in. i made a bunch of new friends and kept up with the old ones. i went to the first out-of-town music festival i've been to since 2006, and i did it all by myself. i had a band bring me back to who i was and their music is still saving the hell out of me, all the time.

of course, i've fucked up a few times this year, too. i mean, obviously i have.

look - there are three things, i think, that are the most important to protect: your dignity, your self-esteem, and your stupid precious heart. so the life lesson i want to impart on all of you today, on my day of birth, is twofold: one, you have to protect those three things with your fucking life. at the end of the day, they are all you have, and they can see you through any goddamn thing that happens. dignity, self-esteem, and your heart. protect that shit. do it for me, okay?

and two, you have to know who you are. you can't ever forget it, and you can't compromise on it, and you can't let anyone distract you from it or take it away from you. you have to always, always know who you are.

but as for me, we'll see where everything goes for the rest of 2017 and into 2018. some big, big things are coming over the next twelve months and i'm ready, i think i'm ready. (i better be ready.)

[ music | cut copy, "hearts on fire" ]