Saturday, October 14, 2017

put em up

returned from buffalo safe and sound and loaded down with american groceries and wrestling merch. all is how it should be.

honestly, travelling for a wrestling show is as good a reason as any to make a little road trip. it's funny how every time i'm on the bus heading to the u.s., it's basically one million flashbacks to when i was always running off after bands in my early twenties, and it never stops being exciting. sure, america is kind of a trash fire right now, but i've never been scared of our neighbours to the south and i was definitely down to see my second ring of honor show this year. so.

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not only did i get to see roh in a super cool venue (with great beer, clearly) in another country, i also got to be there with so many friends and great people, which made the experience even more fun. the roh crowds are some of my favourites - more smarky, far more adults than children, and just much more my vibe, you know? (i mentioned it on twitter, but when the american border guard asked me for my purpose in visiting and i said to see a wrestling show, he kind of looked at me and asked, "big wrestling fan, are ya?" i always sort of love it when they look so surprised.)

here are a couple shots i got at the show:

kushida posing before his match with hangman page. also, referee todd sinclair! wallet club! (never forget wallet club, buffalo friends.)

ray rowe, one-half of the beardo viking tag team of war machine. i didn't get to see the big hosses at the toronto show back in may, so i was way stoked to see them this time around.

mark briscoe learns that it's not the best idea to taunt minoru suzuki, human death machine.

the villain!! marty scurll was on my must-see wrestlers bucket list, so i'm thrilled i was able to cross him off. also, he is a bazillion times more handsome in person (and under the deathbird mask, obviously).

three stages of 1) the elite striking their signature pose and 2) getting engulfed by streamers. (throwing party streamers at posing wrestlers is a traditional roh/new japan wrestling thing, and it's very fun to do.) the crowd was hyped as fuck to see the trio, and the meet & greet line for kenny and the bucks wrapped around the building for a couple hours.

ten boots! ten boots! (comedy spot of the night courtesy of the entire bullet club.)

also, me and my very own daryl takahashi (by far my best birthday gift this year):

i didn't stop carrying my daryl under my arm for the entire night, and it was awesome and hilarious to see everyone react. (there were a few other daryls there too, which was delightful. my people) it got a bit hard to juggle all my stuff - i had both daryl and my bullet club tote bag, and i was also holding cups of beer quite frequently - but i made it work.

also, this:

one of my highlights of the night, basically. (if you don't know, i...don't think i can explain it to you, really.)

it was a pretty long show and i was already running on fumes, so you bet your ass i crashed as soon as i got back to my (actually quite nice) hotel room late that night. fortunately for me, i was able to take all of last week off work for vacation, which meant i had some time to check out buffalo and get some american shopping in. i hadn't been to the u.s. since the final kill hannah show in chicago back in december 2015, so i had a lot of lost time to make up for. (also, big ups to the mighty joe for being my buffalo sherpa, driving me around town, listening to my rambles, and blasting rammstein for me)

clearly i had to do actual buffalo wings from the place that made them famous: well as keeping my promise to carvel's social media manager and travelling out to the middle of nowhere in new york state to get a sundae (the location was a kiosk in a truck stop and they didn't have any fudgie the whale cakes, sadface):

and of course, plenty of good craft beer, because holy shit i love american craft beer so so much. i'm not even kidding, this was the sum total of what i ingested while i was away:

thursday: wings, beer, ice cream donut sandwich (1/2)
friday: ice cream sundae, beer, chex mix

my insides are probably rotting from malnutrition. put all the vegetables in my face, belatedly.

plus, my love affair with the america-only cult supermarket chain trader joe's has been well documented in the past, so thankfully i was able to haul away enough goodies to last me until my potential chicago trip in december (more on that if/as it gets confirmed). there was also the hilarity of me buying three massive boxes of k-cups at target, opening all the boxes up and just dumping all the cups into a bag for easier packing. i'm an old hand at this by now.

at the end of all that, though, i'm really glad to be back home right now. i always love all my little (and big) adventures, but the past week has been a bit of a manic and exhausting travel time for me, so the fact that i can just chill out this weekend at my own apartment in a pile of trader joe's stuff is perfection. back to the real world on monday, but at least i can put it off for just a few more days.

but i feel so lucky right now, you know? i had a bomb-ass birthday week of sorts, i got so many warm fuzzies from friends around the world, it was payday yesterday (yesssss), i have plenty of american groceries and cool wrestling merch, and i just feel really content with where i am right now. sure, there are things i want - there are always things i want - but i can be patient, sometimes.

that's all from me, for now.

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