Sunday, September 10, 2017

in the dead of the night

a warm sunday hello from me and the fancy beast:

so here i am, day 4/6 of housesitting for my friend emma in the northeast part of toronto. views not too bad, all things considering:

yeah, so, it's clearly not some massive hardship. all i need to do is stay here til tuesday night, drink the nice bottles of wine she left me as a thank-you gift, feed the cat, play with the cat, change the cat's litter, take out the trash, and feed the koi in her godparents's backyard pond. it's always a bit disconcerting and weird to be staying somewhere that's not your own home, but i brought enough entertainment, plus it's so quiet and peaceful here for sleeping.

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because i knew i'd likely be bored out here in the wilderness part of toronto, i went ahead and subscribed to three months of rosetta stone so i could keep pushing forward on my german. (duolingo's now got me sitting at 51% fluency, which puts me in the "advanced" level, which makes me overjoyed.) however, i think i'm gonna need to mess around with some settings, because like...i'm starting way in beginner's. as in, "she eats", "he sleeps", etc. - but come on now rosetta stone, i know, like, preterite and genetive case and dative pronouns. i don't need to be taught the goddamn basics. pffffft.

but it's a big week coming up, so i can't relax here in the canopy for too long - wednesday night is the first-ever ring talks at the rivoli, where a bunch of my indy faves and good people are putting on a discussion panel & roundtable about wrestling. the next night is a work event that i need to attend (while also sneaking as many hors d'oeuvres as i can), then this coming saturday my father's in town for a visit, then sunday is two back-to-back smash wrestling shows. ya girl's got front row tickets, so look for my dumb face whenever they televise the footage.

first, though: last night was the long-awaited coming of nxt to toronto, and ooooooh boy it was a good goddamn time.

we've been very spoiled here for wwe shows this summer, and this one was no exception. sure, it felt like some weird bootleg of a house show - it took place at mattamy athletic centre, aka the former maple leaf gardens, and even though it was a small venue it was maybe only half full - but i got hang with so many buddies and see so many people i knew, which is always a blast. (plus we all screamed "dad!! hi dad!!" when a preamble video of triple h appeared on the screen.) plus the chance to see some talent that you wouldn't see in the bigger televised events - and like, i did both raw and smackdown only a month ago - was a treat.

also it's great to have an excuse to wear this shirt in public without too many weird looks:

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maybe you don't wear hot pants if it's "feels like 10C" outside, but you do if you're me.

anyway, said it before but i will say it again a billion times: the toronto wrestling community is so tight, and it's always the best to have an excuse to see each other and hang out together. whether it's an indy show or a big-name event or just some local gathering at the pub, it's a riot to get to see your fellow marks and smarks outside of online. much love to my people and my city.

of course, now i've already got fall on my mind - moving as quickly as possible through this month, then onwards to october, with birthdays and thanksgiving and holyyyyyyyy shit buffalo for ring of honor's global wars tour. no matter how many wwe events i go to see, roh is still the promotion that has my heart and devotion, and i am just so stoked to see my second roh show of 2017. and that's before laying waste to buffalo the next day, as well. lucky friday the 13th in october.

okay bye for now. i need a fucking haircut.

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