Tuesday, September 5, 2017

as clear as day

hi! here is my face!

sometimes i can be fancy. (still more comfortable in wrestling t-shirts and yelling about violent bloodsport, though.)

other times i can be that goth-punk weirdo in the bigass crowd:

i'm pretty easy to find once you spot me (right side of the pic, my arms are hanging down in front of the barrier, you can kiiiiind of see my harness bra), but it's hilarious for me to look at this and realize the sheer number of people behind us. i was chatting with my rammstein buddy robert (the guy next to me in the black shirt and blue hat) last week about this pic and he agreed it was crazy to view what was going on that we didn't see.

(also, that pic was only around ummmmm hour 2 of 11? possibly hour 3? jesus christ.)

so here we are into september, past the labour day weekend, and i hope it treated all of you well. aside from some parties, some friend hangs, and some very good nachos, i kept it chill and didn't do a hell of a lot besides laze around, read books, do some writing, and inhale a bunch of painkillers because my uterus tried to kill me again. as standard.

an update on the german lessons, though, because i'm getting so excited and proud of myself: i'm doing really well at it, you guys. i'm up to day 130 of learning it through the duolingo app, and though like i said, i've already finished the lessons and just have to keep repeating them, i'm starting to really get it, you know? like, it's actually beginning to come instinctively to me as a language, and that is just beyond exciting. i'm still not sure how well i'd get around in germany proper, but i've started to stick the accent and i'm nailing how the sentences are structured and i'm getting all the little nuances. holy shit it's happening.

hopefully i'll be picking up rosetta stone soon to keep pushing forward, but you know, $$$$. but learning! but $$$$.

speaking of cash monies, i've been really good about not spending money on silly purchases lately, but then this happened:

aaaaaaaand ordered. (i'm still gazing longingly at this cool jacket and the ever-present bikini, but i'm not sure yet where to allot next month's birthday money, so we'll see. i get antsy buying clothing online if there isn't a size chart.)

so coming up is housesitting/catsitting this week - still need to sort out the logistics - and then nxt here in toronto on saturday night, which i am really frigging excited for. just the chance that we may get to see aleister black, redragon, and adam cole (baybay!) is enough to get me so stoked. also, it's always a good time seeing the regular toronto wrestling community crowd out in full force. much love. (you know how to find me.)

finally, a tweet i've kept coming back to because holy hot damn i love this video:

gahhhhhhhhhhh they are so fucking cool i cannot even take it.

ok that's enough, bye.

[ music | florence + the machine, "only if for a night" ]