Sunday, August 6, 2017

something fast

it's the weekend! three-day weekend (in canada)!

basically it is my time to grub around my apartment, unshowered with no makeup, and do laundry/tidy my place up. feels good man. (my mother, ever the optimistic believer in my life's potential, made sure to add, "well, that's fine for now, but maybe in the future you'll want to get out and do some things." nooooooo i'm lazyyyyyyyy)

i also really, really enjoy putting my phone on silent and turning it face down for as long as possible.

so pretty much my only productivity this weekend was finally forcing open one of my semi-closed over ear piercing holes (using an earring post, you weirdos, not a sewing needle or anything); it was only a bit messy, but i did the whole nine yards by wiping it out with antibacterial cleanser and putting in hypoallergenic studs, so it should be fine now. (and to be fair, i don't know for sure if it was even closed over in the back, or if i was just having a difficult time finding the opening on the other side - that was always a problem with that particular ear, ugh gross)

note that this is probably a dumb thing to have done myself, but it's not like i'd try it with my labret or tongue holes. the ship has long since sailed on those fuckers, sadly. (i.e. wayyyyy too much flesh to puncture through on my own)

also, long weekend gives me a chance to read (or reread) some of the better musician interviews i've seen in a while, with this one at the top of the list:

i loved nine inch nails, but never quite so much as i should have; i enjoy all the singles, but i think i've only ever listened to the entirety of pretty hate machine and the fragile among all their other albums. i kind of don't mind that, though, because it means if i ever really get back into nin in the future, i'll have an entire treasure trove of a back catalog to consume.

but the real heart of that interview is trent reznor himself, and just how smart he is about the music industry and his career and the longevity of everything. it can be rare to find a musician who gets it, and trent just does. it's a fascinating look at how he views his work and the work of others, as well as how he feels about the state of rock music today. (we all know i'm no fan of aging, but it's always kind of neat to see how your musical idols age with you.)

there was also this interview with my original goth old-man crush (i have so many of them now), the sisters of mercy's andrew (von) eldritch. it's from last november but i'm only seeing it now, and absolutely cackling at how sharp and witty he remains. "Most songs are just boy meet girl whilst with our songs it’s true there are also a lot of boy meets girl but someone got stabbed" is probably my favourite description of the sisters' music ever, as well as a very apt description of the kind of music i generally prefer.

also let's all remember the time i met von in 2008 and he threw me out of their dressing room. it was the greatest moment of my life.

ughhhhhhhhhhh i love him.

so we're now into august, and what's happening? lots of wrestling, my friends. lots of wrestling. non-fans of wrestling, beware!

first up is wwe raw and smackdown live tv tapings right here in toronto tomorrow and tuesday night. i wasn't even going to go to these due to have zero dollars (it should be no surprise at all that all my wrestling money right now is either going to ring of honor or local indys), but twitter pal/good brother eric stepped up with some extra tickets, so your favourite idiot (me) is off to see many hours of fine professional sports entertainment over the next few days.

then, more to come! this coming sunday (only one week from today!) is smash wrestling's super showdown (as well as the finals of new japan's g1 climax tournament), then next wednesday is the newest edition of wwe trivia. following that is the annual summerslam weekend, one of my favourite wrestling ppv events of the year - both nxt takeover: brooklyn III on saturday the 19th and summerslam on sunday the 20th - and always a fun time hanging out with friends to watch. (remember: if i'm live-tweeting and doing a lot of retweeting instead of writing my own thoughts, it's likely because i'm too drunk to trust myself to be coherent.)

and of course, there's plenty of ring of honor to watch weekly (plus we're one month closer to the buffalo show!), and i'm still doing the big gold belt podcast with the guys on thursday nights at 8 p.m. eastern. i might miss a few recordings here and there due to prior commitments, but for the most part my thursdays are free, so come hang with us. i'm guaranteed to start yelling/swearing about at least one thing every week.

btw frequent visitors, i love you and i love that you drive my daily traffic count up, but you may be better served by subscribing to my feed so you're notified whenever i do post something new? it's been years since i've posted more than once a day, and i just feel bad that some of you check back multiple times a day to see if i've posted something new. i don't want to waste your time, is all! i'm only thinking of you, meine lieblinge.

also, not that anyone cares really, but online shopping update regarding the stuff from this post: the steampunk vest was too big(!) but too costly to send back for an exchange, so my mom is going to alter it for me (having a master seamstress for a mother is the greatest); the rose-print kimono shawl was beautiful and perfect and i love it; the coat....uh, well. it turns out i got sent the wrong coat by mistake (the exact same cut and design, but a different fabric, and i had my heart set on the velvet one), but customer service was very quick and gracious to send out the correct item as well as a prepaid shipping label so i could send the wrong one back. online clothes shopping is a constant adventure, my guys.

alright i'm out. be good (but not too good).

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