Tuesday, August 15, 2017

lip gloss and black

hello and welcome to another edition of caitlin's makeup/beauty stash n' bullshit. in case you missed last month's, this is where i write about beauty products i've been digging lately, give & solicit recommendations, and generally be as self-effacing, irreverent and foul-mouthed as usual. wooooo! gimme free stuff, jerks.

(to be frank, i'm trying to keep the hell away from sephora right now because they have a 4x the points special going on right now, and my bathroom surfaces are already groaning under the weight of all the products i've got. i do not need anything more, for fuck's sake.)

as our good guy sami zayn would say, let's go!

benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel

my eyebrows have had an interesting history; they've always come in thick and black (v. frustrating, as i'm a brunette who would kill to have inherited her scottish father's naturally black hair) to the point where i more or less have a unibrow if i don't tame them. sadly, even though thick eyebrows are very in right now, i've been plucking and shaping my brows for so long now (all the way back to when a "friend" commented that "your eyebrows would look so much better if you plucked them" cool thanks bitch) that i can't go back. here's a great example of how nonexistent my brows used to be:

(the purple dress will never die.) (this photo was taken in 2006 and fuck you i can still fit into that dress.)

so right now, i can at least avoid the uber-thin, barely visible slashes that i had throughout my twenties and use this brow gel to pump up what i've got. it's really subtle and does a great job filling in where my brows come in sparse (notably right above the bridge of my nose). at least my shaping skills do a good enough job that one of my former boyfriends actually assumed that that's their natural state. yesssssssssss

marc jacobs highliner gel eye crayon (in blacquer)

this is it - my secret weapon, my desert-island makeup item. a while back, my longtime favourite waterproof black kohl eyeliner (which shall go unnamed) changed its formula and ended up being way weaker and more fade-prone. so the search was on for a new one, and it had to be a pencil (i can do liquid but i prefer not to, since it can be finicky to apply and i'm lazy as fuck), and it had to be waterproof to stand up to my oily skin. lucky for me, i'd previously gotten a sample pencil of the marc jacobs gel crayon, and it worked like a charm. i honestly burn through one of these every month and a half or so.

word of warning: this shit will not budge unless you go at it hard with waterproof makeup remover. (i still do get a bit of smudging/running in the corners of my eyes, though, but only because of the aforementioned oily skin. blorf.)

also on the forbidden want list: the matching marc jacobs blacquer lipstick. fuck yes you know i want it. i mean, what do you expect when i chose this as my free lipstick at mac a few weeks back:

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i mean, obviously.

make up for ever artist palette volume 1

this was the first "real" eyeshadow palette i bought, and i agonized over that goddamn decision, let me tell you. i knew i wanted to splash out on a solid basic palette, but one of good quality. after a ton of research, back in december i took a deep breath and chose the basic mufa palette, and i'm damn sure i chose well - it's the one palette in my collection that i've ended up using the most (and i have five palettes now). it has a pretty "rose gold" purple, a brown with little gold flecks, a gold that goes on like holofoil - and crucially, a jet-black eyeshadow that you can use to line your eyes as well (and you're damn right i do). if you need a quality palette with basic nudes as well as a couple fun options, go with this one.

algenist genius ultimate anti-aging cream

yes, i'm still on the algenist train, this time with the anti-aging cream from their genius line. it's probably meant to be a day cream, but i stubbornly only use day moisturizers with a solid spf (right now it's l'oreal revitalift triple power lzr), so i use this as a night cream instead and it works like a charm. again, it's not a cheap buy by any means, but sometimes you have to pay for quality and i'm pretty happy with the results (plus it smells amazing, which is always a bonus). plz keep my face from collapsing, or at least until we all either 1) get vaporized or 2) become part robot.

marc jacobs enamored hi-shine lip lacquer lipgloss (in love drunk)

...and here's another "i dunno if i should have bought this, i'm gonna take it back and exchange it, oh wait i actually liked it after all now i gotta buy it again!!" purchase. at $35, it's absurdly expensive for a lip gloss, but what can i say - marc jacobs makeup is amazing quality, and after i tried it i couldn't get this gloss out of my head. (i ended up buying this lovely buxom gloss in an attempt to forget about the jacobs gloss - and it did become the gloss i wore throughout rockfest weekend - but i wanted both, damn it!)

so finally, i caved and re-purchased it during a sephora trip that may or may not have been fueled by too many happy-hour drinks. and honestly, i wear it all the time. it's super shiny and not too sticky, and the colour is just spot on for what i wanted. yeah, the price was rough, but i'm still getting the bare-bones freelance years out of my system. when will it stop? who knows? (it'll totally be when my credit card gets maxed, that's when.)

that's it for this round. tweet me your recommendations! like, before we all die.

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