Friday, August 11, 2017

like a storm

the coat saga, concluded!

so now i have two(!) options for late fall/early winter!

same same, but different. (the top one is obviously the velvet one, and the other is more of a gothy rose-print brocade, a little more of a deep gray than black) it worked out so well for me, given that i'd originally had a tough time deciding which of the two coats i'd wanted, and i ended up with both of them! a very lovely gesture from the webstore to just let me keep the other. nothing this nice ever happens to me!

how the hell is it still summer. i'm not even dealing with this. i just wanna wear my cool coats and get my badass leather bracer-gloves and not have to worry about sweating so hard i can't even put on makeup in the morning. ugh at everything.

look, geez, i've blogged about it so much, but i am a fall/winter girl at heart. 1000%. it puts me at odds with my mother, who loves summer and the sun and hot weather, but give me the brisk breezes and dark evenings and the feeling of change in the air. i am at my full strength in the fall, and i'm a good canadian girl who loves the winter, so man, get august outta here already (as well as the annual fucking heat wave that always hits in september). i have a lot of plans. big plans.

doesn't mean i still shouldn't buy that bikini i want while it's on sale, though. sigh.

in the meantime, august at least means i can celebrate my five-year(!) anniversary of moving into my sweet little bachelorette pad! it's been a very good home for me, even if i really should have bit the bullet and just gotten a goddamn air conditioning unit installed already. (again, another reason why i'm happy it hasn't been blistering hot yet this summer - i only have two small fans, help)

i could never give up this view. even if it's basically just mississauga:

otherwise, funtimes brunch date is tomorrow, along with a trip to the waterfront night market which, like the ex, is becoming one of my favourite yearly things to do in toronto. it was great, crowded, delicious fun last year, and although it's a bit of a trek all the way out to the port lands (especially coming from me, girl who would prefer to avoid sound academy or whatever it's called now at all costs), it's more or less worth it.

also and lastly, i caved to the ~trendz~ and signed up for that anonymous comment platform (i swear one of those things becomes popular every six months or so; i didn't have formspring but it's kind of the same thing). anonymously tell me what you think of me, frequent readership! i know you're all out there.

so far i've gotten some very sweet messages as well as some asking me about who my crushes are and who i'd date (haaaaaaahahahahaha i wrote an entire blog post about this, you jerks), some hilarious ones (abject delight at the one that said "you're stupid cute" awww), and my personal favourite, "cool butt". thank you! my butt is pretty okay.

yet this one won me over forever:

the way to my heart is ashley remington references. keep that in mind, darlings.

p.s. oh that's fine that's just fucking fine i didn't need my heart in one piece anyway:

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