Monday, August 14, 2017

free falling

oooooof, wow. full disclosure: i'm not quite sure how i'm alive right now? i think i've crammed more insane living and hard partying into the last two weeks than i have in the last two months, and that's counting the rockfest weekend. it's been a sea of wrestling and booze and food and old friends and new friends and long nights and early mornings, and it all feels good, you know? after so long spent in seclusion, saving money and saving energy, it's nice to break out for a while and remember what it feels like.

(honestly, i'm sure this blog makes it sound like i have a raging social life, but that's only about 10% of the time. the other 90% is spent by myself in my apartment and staring at the ceiling, basically.)

also, i mean, have you ever just talked to so many people that you mix them up and forget who you were talking to when you try to remember after? and then it's like, shit, i've told that same story how many times to how many people? i mean, pickling my brain and liver for multiple days straight doesn't help with that, but ah, ya girl has her fun.

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if you want to win me over, take me to brunch (though please somewhere without lineups, i get so hangry) and then to a bar that has both ghostbusters pinball and cans of gin smash. for the goddamn win.

also, there was smash wrestling last night, and a combination of a lot of beer, a great card, and good pals to cheer with made it one of the best shows i've seen this year. i mean, i really only got this one photo of lashley and speedball:

i was too busy hollering my lungs out by the bar, cringing at the big spots, booing the heels, and dying at the comedy matches to really focus on capturing the memories. i've still got 'em in my brain, anyway. (i had a ticket for front row, but had way more fun/freedom in standing room with everyone) everything from the "what's in the box?" match to tag team table chaos to blackwood's black metal face paint (we all took great delight in yelling "derek, you suck!!" at tarik) to haskins and dux tearing the house down made it a super memorable night. add a hot crowd and saying hi literally every minute to like a billion of my friends, and i still feel the love.

then we went to get halal guys at what felt like an ungodly hour but was probably like 9 p.m.?? i don't even know, everything was pretty hazy at that point. yet, delicious:

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today i sort of feel like warmed-over death, and for some reason i woke up with a smattering of super large and painful(!) bruises on my left side and thigh, so i'm just hoping i'm not a werewolf or something. (thinking on it, i'm pretty sure i walked into a bathroom stall door at the phoenix last night, which is absolutely something i would do. not recommended if you bruise as easily as i do)

coming up is wwe trivia this wednesday, then nxt takeover brooklyn and a summerslam watching party with pals this weekend, probable dinner dates next week, getting ready for the fall (nxt! ring of honor! more smash!), no stopping no stopping.

lastly, here is a very good song for our times (though if we're being honest i've just had "frühling in paris" on repeat lately):

bless my forever fave paul giving 110% on the backups. i love him the best.

(a lot of people didn't know the above fact about the song, but it makes sense once you know that "links" doesn't mean links in english - it's "left" in german, and the chorus is about one's heart beating on the left, links zwo, links zwo, links zwo drei vier. it remains one of their greatest songs, and they have a fucking pantheon of great songs.)

okay i'm done, bye.

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