Thursday, August 10, 2017

chase the shadows

i survived two straight nights of wrestling! but like, barely. i still feel like i've been hit by a goddamn bus today. i don't think i could have done a triple-header like i did last november (nxt takeover / survivor series / raw), but it was still a shit ton of fun. how could it not be? wrestling, motherfuckers!!!

thumbs up to garbage public bathroom lighting:

i just wanna be the girl with the shortest shorts

if you're a wrestling fan, i don't care how jaded you are - it's impossible not to get at least a bit excited at a wwe show, especially if they're a televised event. if anything, it's so cool to walk around the downtown core and see a smattering of wrestler's t-shirts in the crowd. it's our people, and none of us have any shame about wearing our merch out in public. (well, some of us have shame, and some of us need a bit of shame, but que sera sera. you do you, friends)

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since day 1 was holiday monday, it seemed a bit quieter than it should have been - people still filing in from out of town, maybe? - but i'd like to think we made for an admirable crowd on tv. (i haven't watched back either shows, but maybe i will when they rerun on the weekend; i have a weird thing about watching or listening to things that i was at or taking part in. part of it is because i don't like listening to my own voice - cool job choosing a past profession that included a lot of transcribing, me! - but i don't know, seeing video is weird too. even with the rammstein video from montebello, i've only ever watched it like, once? it feels too surreal. i'd rather watch the paris dvd than the actual concert i was at, what.)

i'm still pretty sad i didn't get to see the hardy boyz - jeff is one of the last on my list of "wrestlers i need to see live" - but i got to see some of the real-person tumblr ambrollins fanfic and that was good enough for me. hot.

night two was tuesday, which was back-to-work day, and although i thought that would mean less predrinking, uh. anyway, the plus of working right downtown is that it was a quick run over to the acc. downside is that you have to plan your outfit very carefully:

the air canada centre does look so cool all done up, though:

(i haven't been to a concert there in ages, but i have been to leafs games, and it's so insane how they can transform the venue. kudos to crew and event staff, always)

it's funny because both nights had their pros and cons, ups and downs and what have you - raw had more actual wrestling and was more fun to watch (it actually went by at a good clip!), while i got to see more of my friends at smackdown and make some new ones too. (a guy recognized the rammstein patch on my fanny pack and proceeded to show me his girlfriend's tattoo of their logo, while i showed him mine. we are legion / wir sind eine legion)

even though i was probably close enough to get a sign on tv, i didn't make one, which sort of betrays my concert-going heritage but that's a long story i won't get into. harrrrrrrrr.

but all in all, just getting to be with so many wrestling peeps is always a worthy time. it's more popular than you'd think, yeah, but it's still a real delight to be around people who are just as invested and dedicated to this stuff as you are. (i mean, it's cool to be around most of them. there are assholes and weirdos everywhere, par for the course of humanity.) plus, like, it's good to have somewhere appropriate to wear my bazillion wrestling t-shirts. (the guy in front of me at smackdown proudly told me he'd changed his shirt three times that night already, and i could appreciate.)

onwards to smash wrestling on sunday, trivia next week, summerslam/takeover weekend, g1 climax finals, buffalo in the fall, kingston in the fall, looking ahead to europe, no distractions, no bullshit, no stopping for the things that were never for you anyway. ah, girl.

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