Wednesday, July 19, 2017

touch it up

hello, it's me.

(i have long since had to get over the inception-like weirdness of having band logos tattooed while also wearing merch with that same band logo on it. might as well go all in, you know?)

so here's a quick little thing i've decided to start doing: once a month or so, i'm gonna highlight a few beauty products that i currently can't live without. this might seem like a weird departure from my usual yelling about wrestling or rock bands, but - fun fact! - i am also really into makeup and beauty products, and sometimes it's good to branch out and write stuff that 1) you enjoy writing about and 2) may appeal to an audience outside of your usuals. (if you are in fact here for the wrestling and the rock bands, it's cool, just come back later when i will undoubtedly be yelling about them again)

see, i am very, very susceptible to peer reviews. if someone i know on twitter really recommends a beauty product, i will likely try it. i am totally that person. so in the event that i have readers who are the same, maybe i can do that for them with these dumb blog posts? i mean, for reals, i'm not being sponsored or anything, so you can trust that i'm not getting paid for this shit. this is all stuff i actually use and love.

here's the first batch:

algenist power recharging night pressed serum

straight off the bat, this is some expensive-ass serum, but it is worth every penny. (plus you get a ton of it, and you don't need to use much!) my silly mantra has always been "my face is an investment", and so when i find a face care product that works, i will generally justify the cost to myself, like an idiot. but honestly, the algenist line is one of the few skin care brands where i can see and feel the difference the next morning, and when my recent serum (clinique smart repair, which is also good) ran out, i took the plunge on the pressed stuff. i'd actually tried a deluxe free sample months ago and loved the hell out of it, so it just made sense. algenist products are going to keep my face from collapsing on itself, i'm convinced. (please sponsor my life algenist, i love you.)

yves saint laurent touche eclat blur primer

look, i swear i'm not swimming in enough cash to buy a $56 makeup primer. (this is especially coming from someone who didn't bother with primer for like 10 years.) however, i did manage to snag not just one but two deluxe samples of ysl's star primer, and i am basically hoarding them and using them a tiny bit at a time. it really is a fantastically good primer - goes on smoothly and keeps my makeup in place for a lot longer. there's some little flecks of gold in there that help make things look more luminous, though, not sparkly. also a great primer if you're like me and have some giant-ass pores that need to get spackled over properly.

tarte pack your bags 911 undereye rescue patches

when i haven't slept much, you can definitely see it under my eyes - dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, the works - so i always keep a stash of a few packs of these undereye patches in my fridge in case of emergency. i know it can be hard to find undereye products that actually have noticeable immediate results, but i've found that these ones are little squidgy godsends. plus they can be used up to about three times, so long as you store them back in the package with the extra serum. i use them before i do my face primers and the results speak for themselves (ie. i don't look like a haggard monster).

anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance eye palette

this!! this eyeshadow palette is fucking gorgeous. it is largely responsible for the eye look i have in the photo on my about me page, and i loved that look so much that i legit went out and bought the palette a couple weeks later. it also led to me realizing how much i'm into deep pink/red eyeshadows; they just look so fucking striking and badass. add in plenty of warm oranges, browns/nudes and sparkly golds, and this is a palette to treasure. for what it's worth, the urban decay naked heat palette is out now with many of the same shades, but i'll keep my anastasia palette, thanks.

it was also responsible for this eye look:

(full video here, yours truly shows up at around 3:34) anyway, it's a super versatile palette and i haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what i can do with it. (also: sponge applicators 4 life. get outta here, poofy brushes.)

kat von d everlasting love liquid lipstick (in bow n arrow)

oh, the saga of me and this lipstick. when i ordered my first tube, i thought there was a little too much brown in it (it's advertised as "fawn nude") and ended up taking it back to exchange for sanctuary ("coffee nude") because i prefer a little more purple in my lip makeup. but then i had a bunch of doubts, and every time i went into sephora afterwards, i would slap on some bow n arrow and really like how it looked after all. so i caved and bought it (again) and i've found that i'm wearing it at least 3-4 days a week.

now, i'm not the biggest fan of kvd's lipsticks - the studded kiss line (i have vampira and wonderchilde) always pills on my lips and goes on streaky - and honestly, these liquid lips aren't "everlasting" (sanctuary honestly only lasts a few hours before wearing off and causing the dreaded lip outline, but bow n arrow at least makes it a couple extra hours because it's more nude). but i'm really digging matte lips right now, and bow n arrow just works for so many of my outfits. it also doesn't hurt that one of my favourite beauty bloggers uses it as her standard.

lastly, special shoutout this month to tattoo goo for being the only aftercare product i trust whenever i get a new tattoo. 15 years and counting!

alright that's it for now. got makeup/beauty product recommendations for me? tweet 'em (remember, i said i'm really susceptible to recos)

blue lipstick not as standard. (though it should be.)

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