Monday, July 10, 2017

the waiting game

ugh, the saga of getting my ipod fixed.

miss you already

so, to gloss over the embarrassing details, the weekend before rockfest i fucked up my iphone and my ipod. we'll just call it liquid damage, okay? anyway, in a panic, i immediately took them both in to a repair shop in my neighbourhood. my phone, thank god, was fixed and back to normal by the end of the day, but i was told that my ipod would maybe take "a few days" because it would have to be sent out to a different repair location. this meant that i wouldn't have my ipod for the ride to and from ottawa, but whatever, i'd have my ipad so i could deal.

also fortunately, i still had the cracked ipod nano that i last used in 2014, and it still worked!...with the tiny fact that because the model was so old, my current laptop's itunes wouldn't recognize the device. so, i had to haul out my old laptop, get that shit up and running again, move a bunch of my mp3s over, and fight to sync my backup ipod for about an hour. but! it was all worth it, because at least now i've got an up-to-date playlist to tide me over under my actual ipod comes back.

but i digress - so i dropped off my ipod, juiced up my old backup one, and waited. and waited. and got no time repair estimate, even though i asked after two weeks had gone by. another two weeks go by, it's almost a month now (after i had been told "oh no no, it won't be a whole month" when i checked at the two-week mark), and i finally manage to get someone to explain that they'd had to order a part from overseas(!) which is why it was taking so long. it's real fun to own outdated technology, you guys.

(as an aside, i've had more than one person be surprised at the fact that i still use an ipod rather than just my phone; it's because i don't have enough storage room on my phone for all my music, and i don't have enough data usage available to stream it from the cloud. i prefer to use all my phone storage for photos and keep my ipod for music. plus it saves my phone's battery life - i listen to a lot of music.)

so, that's that. it's still in the shop, i honestly don't know how much longer it'll take to fix (but it likely will be over a month), and it just sucks that i have to keep following up about it. on the plus side, it's not a huge priority for me so long as my old backup ipod keeps chugging along, and also i'm getting a tiny bit scared about how much it's eventually going to cost me. at least this gives me some time to save up my pennies?

everything is bad, the end.

but here are a couple of positive life things!

first up, going forward, i'm going to be on the big gold belt wrestling podcast on thursdays! here's my debut from last week:

so yeah, you'll know me by my ladyvoice, my predilection for cursing (will try to rein it in though), and my tendency to drink during recording (will try to rein that in too). give me a couple weeks to put together a better lighting setup in my apartment and i'll start appearing on camera for the recordings, too. i've gone legit!

plus, there's this:

i, uh, completely finished duolingo's german lessons. like, done top to bottom in just over two months. sure, it's a comprehensive system in that you still have to practice every day (the web version stubbornly has me sitting at 40% fluency), but there's no new learning left for me in the app. therefore #1 on my birthday or christmas list this year is a subscription to rosetta stone so i can keep pushing further.

big ups to brad for sending me this vital john le carre piece about why everybody should learn german. because for one, it's a fucking rad and weird language, and for two, it gives you appreciation for linguistics as a whole. and, as i've written before, i have always been a gigantic nerd when it comes to learning languages. something in it has always clicked in my brain, and i love it.

meanwhile, i've been practicing - due to both duolingo and the grace of google translate - on the german forums of rammstein fanclub lifad (there are english forums too but they're not nearly as populated), and it's great fun. i've already decided that if(!) the band tours again next year, i'm hauling ass over to europe to follow them for a bit. at the very least i gotta make the pilgrimage to berlin for a show. it is the only way. (clearly i would - and will - do it in canada/america too, but i really want to experience the homeland crowds and not just a bunch of us dumb anglos gargling our way through the song lyrics)

so, getting really damn good at german now will definitely help me in the near future (especially because, as in university, my written language is miles better than my spoken, so i need to work on that). also: making european friends online who have already been very nice in helping me with my german, giving me the details on early ticket sales for next tour, and generally encouraging my dumb potential adventures. "was sie will bekommt sie auch" in-fucking-deed.

honestly, it's very entertaining to me that travelling to europe for concerts is even possible for me now. like, it's a thing i can do! i have the money and the means! being an adult fucking rules.

also maybe i will die. (do not assume i won't do something insane like travel to at least four of their concerts across europe. they're doing three straight nights in france right now and i am burning - hah! - with jealousy and fomo.)

coming up: gonna go see royal stompbox's double-bill of heavy metal parking lot and the decline of western civilization part II (unbelievably, i've never seen either, but i've wanted to for ages, especially given that i have a huuuuuuge soft spot for stories about the 80's sunset strip scene) on friday night, then this sunday it's smash wrestling's love life, love wrestling, #supportthescene show. good times ahead.

lastly, two things about my physical appearance that i used to hate but appreciate the hell out of now:

1) my oily forehead (hell when i was a teenager with heavy bangs and bad skin, but i have absolutely zero lines on my forehead now)

2) my small tits (i went through a period in my twenties when i cursed my very modest handfuls o' boobs, but after reading so many horror stories from women with large chests, i am very, very grateful for my freedom from bras and lack of back pain)


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