Monday, July 17, 2017

bleed like me

woooooooooo change of plans for the fall~

so ring of honor just announced they'd be doing three dates for a global wars tour in october, and the first one is in buffalo on october 12th. that's....significantly closer to me than my planned las vegas trip. and cheaper. and only an extra two weeks' wait.

so yeah, executive decision: i'm gonna bail on las vegas and just go to buffalo instead.

(i may be the only person in the history of the universe to choose buffalo over vegas.)

tons of reasons swayed me, chief among them the cost (i've been having a shit ton of money stress about trying to afford a trip that'll be at least $1000, and compare that to maybe $100 for buffalo, and yeahhhhhh), the method of travel (i have also been stressing big time about having to fly anywhere, and i can just take the bus to buffalo), and the fact that i actually won't be alone if i go to the buffalo show - i have friends there going too, unlike vegas. also! the buffalo roh show takes place the week of my birthday - three days afterward, in fact - which could make it a fun post-birthday trip as well. i'd just take the whole week off to do kingston/thankgiving followed by buffalo fun times!

so yeah, it sucks that i'll have to eat the cost on the vegas tickets and hotel deposit, but there's still the chance i could successfully resell the tickets (plus i'm gonna end up saving soooooo much money here). one other downside is that i'll be missing out on two shows in vegas - plus one of them is a pay-per-view special - but like, it's fine. it actually feels like a huge weight off my chest to know i don't have to worry anymore about costs or flying or the cost of flying, so that's a good sign.

also it is hilarious how relieved my parents are by this news. (my father's immediate response: "good.")

closer to the homefront, here's a few pics from smash wrestling's show on sunday night (front row for wrestling is just as good for photos as front row for concerts):

also, a popular tweet!

i know i've blogged about it before, but it's really so cool to have a local indy promotion to attend and support, especially when there's basically a whole crew of you regulars that see each other at these events like once a month. the shows don't break the bank, the setup is great, and it's just fun to be a part of something. i'm sure there are a bunch of thought pieces and dissertations written about finding your tribe or whatever, but it's a very true human thing. once you've kind of got a place to belong and people to belong with, it just makes things so much more fun. (i'm lucky enough that i have two places - the music and the wrestling - with a nominal third place being the marvel puzzle quest community, since i'm an alliance commander. so much nerdosity and i love it all)

it's also really, really nice to log in on the weekends or whenever and see so many of my friends across the country at a wrestling show together, or getting together to watch a ppv or special. everybody gets to talking about this stuff and it fills my heart with such joy that something like wrestling can bring so many people together. so mushy! i'm gross.

speaking of wrestling - great segue, me - as always, you can catch me with the guys on the big gold belt podcast on thursday nights at 8 p.m. eastern, talking graps and making wry comments:

it's good for me to break out of my comfort zone and do/try new things, you know? i'd always shied away from doing anything vocal, since i never thought i was the best public speaker - i tend to get nervous, and i usually speak very quickly anyway - but the best way to conquer fear is to keep doing the thing you're afraid of, right? plus it's not hard at all for me to talk about pro wrestling for an hour, come on now.

with that, i'm off to watch even more wrestling tonight - the regular monday night raw (which i now do have to tune in for regularly so i can keep up with the conversation on the podcast). everything rolls on.

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