Monday, June 12, 2017

when the hour passes

it's june! hello welcome to summer.

...honestly though, my skin could have told you that. every summer for the last, oh, maybe five years or so, my complexion absolutely loses its shit once it starts getting hot out. to be fair, it's nothing dire, but i have a lot of skin allergies (which translate into poison ivy-like patches of itchiness) and sensitivities as well as hypohidriosis (i sweat too much) that hits overdrive when it gets warm out. again, it's nothing debilitating, just obnoxious and semi-gross.

so hot weather really kicks off a cascade of skin issues for me, which leaves me feeling out of sorts constantly. ughhhhhh. (the fact that my apartment isn't air conditioned just makes it that much worse. nothing like trying to apply makeup that basically slides off your sweaty, oily face as soon as you put it on.) fingers crossed that getting all my hair chopped off tomorrow won't make all my self-image issues worse.

anyway, right now it just feels like i'm reeling around on a rollercoaster - there's so much stuff to be done at work right now, plus there's so much i need to be doing during this crazy month of craziness (and we're already almost two weeks in! gahhhhhh). but i mean, the alternate universe provides.

as does my sephora budget:

full-on waterproof red eyeshadow slashes that i'm probably gonna make even bigger and more obnoxious. as i mentioned on instagram, my favourite member of rammstein (paul, one of the guitarists) has been doing this thing where he paints huge swathes of red across his face, so i'm gonna pay tribute at rockfest next week(!). and yes, i have been buying up all the waterproof/weatherproof makeup in preparation for spending 15 hours outdoors two days in a row. also, spray from the dick cannons.

let's just hope they don't confiscate my spiked crown as a safety hazard:

(i'm planning on going through security with the headband hanging down around my neck, just as a precaution)

oh and i have like a dozen cute band/wrestling tank tops i need to buy. i might as well embrace this shitty hot summer.

speaking of that, yesterday, on the hottest day of the year so far, i got myself all made up (like, really, probably too made up), put on one of my many (oh god i own so many) wrestling t-shirts and went out to attend the latest smash wrestling show! here is legit the only picture i took (from the fatal 5-way elimination match at the end of the night):

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...because otherwise, you know, i was too busy waving a fan around, shrieking like a banshee, etc. etc.

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because clearly i was at this show to see my favourite wrestler in the world, said peacock king, dalton castle. we even got to see heel dalton (if you don't speak wrestling, heels are the villains), which was a huge goddamn deal for me because i love love love the bad guys and he's always been a babyface (good guy). but holy shit, getting to see him play the bad guy for the night was the fucking greatest. like, just punch everybody in the dick.

i mean, honestly though, getting to see my favourite wrestler twice in two months makes me feel like the luckiest fangirl on the planet. i read this piece last week, and the line about how "...when your wrestler comes out, the wrestler that your heart chose...for any and all of a thousand reasons" just fucking killed me dead. because that's it. that's what it is. that's what it's like when you're a fan.

this is the character you chose to support and cheer for and put your face in your hands when they're struggling. you celebrate their wins and boo their opponents and believe in them more than anyone else. it's surreal if you get to be in the same room as them, and extremely fortunate if you get to meet the talented people who portray these characters in the squared circle. when you love wrestling like so many of us do, it feels like it means the world, to have a favourite wrestler to cheer for. whether they win or lose, it makes it mean so much more.

and me, i'm not good at many things, but i have always, always been good at being a fangirl. (i probably tend to go overboard a bit - i bought, uh, three t-shirts yesterday - but i don't do half-measures with this)

alright, that's all from me for now. singular focus is now on my rockfest trip, only a week and a half away! it's time to get ready to drink all the jagermeister in montebello.

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