Monday, June 19, 2017

sail away

alright so here we go, the last few days!!!

this time in three days, i'll be on my way to ottawa, then doing a bit of sightseeing in the evening before hopefully getting ready for a decent night's sleep; i have to be up reasonably early to get the shuttle bus to montebello on friday morning. my bags are getting packed, my outfits are already planned, and it's gonna be one hell of a ride from start to finish. (someone remind me to ingest something other than beer and jagermeister this weekend, thanks.)

also, my sweet money belt (it's not a fanny pack) is ready to go:

bullet club patch, rammstein patch, and pin to show that i'm a member of lifad. it all checks out. (also, it's a lucky thing that rockfest is going to have rented lockers available - i already paid to reserve mine, so not only can i stash whatever merch i buy on site, but the locker also has a cell phone charger. no need to jam a battery pack into my money belt! i might actually not have a deadass phone by the end of the day)

so i'm out of town for four days total - from ottawa, to montebello, back to ottawa, back to montebello, then back to ottawa before heading home to toronto. my bus back to toronto leaves just before noon on sunday, and it's a five hour ride, so i plan on sleeping, shaking off my hangover, and/or avoiding touching any potential sunburns i may have. eeeep.

i guess the one downside is that i am going alone; none of my friends were up for making the trip, which means i'm probably going to have some boring hours ahead of me. fortunately, the schedule looks pretty damn good, and i also have the option of leaving the grounds to go explore montebello, so we'll see what mischief i can get up to on my own. for once, an ubergoth outfit (fishnets! harness bra! o-ring collar!) likely won't make me stand out in the crowd! it will be fun to be with my people.

so yeah, that schedule (for me anyway):

my saturday is gonna be a lot more free than friday; i can bounce around on saturday and see a bunch of different bands all throughout the day. but as for friday, i'll be entirely skulking around the budweiser stage, at least from 4:30 p.m. on; i want to see both wu-tang and afi, and then i'll be killing time until rammstein at midnight (though i'll try to get close for the offspring, too).

and man oh man, am i ever going off the walls for this. i haven't checked the recent set lists from their european festival dates because i want to be surprised, but i'm hoping for the usual singles as well as "reise, reise" and "ich tu dir weh", plus i would also be a huuuuge nerd and mark out for a deeper/older cut like "spieluhr" or "mehr" (or even "rosenrot", which would probably kill the crowd but i don't care). honestly though, i'm going to be happy with whatever we happen to get.

i mean, come on. come the fuck on:

(the song is "mein teil", it's based on the meiwes incident, and it is bar none their best song. i can't even tell you how many times i've listened to it in the last few months.)

the only thing that has me a bit worried is that their set runs from midnight to 1:30 a.m. and my shuttle bus back to ottawa leaves at 2. that...doesn't leave me a whole lot of time, especially if they go over, and haha fuck no i'm not leaving before they're done. it's already annoying enough that i'm probably gonna be checking the time throughout the second half.

do i have a plan b? well, uh, no. if i miss the ottawa shuttle, i'm essentially fucked. montebello has a population of 1,000 people, and the likelihood that 1) any of them are uber/taxi drivers, 2) awake at 2 a.m. and 3) willing to drive me an hour to ottawa for $100+ is astronomically slim. all the hotels in montebello are booked and so are the ones in outlying towns. whoops.

i mean, if i have to stay up all night at a bar or diner or whatever, i will - i've done it many times before in my early days following bands around - but i'd really rather get back to the inn so i can sleep, change clothes the next day, strip my makeup and shower, et cetera. (i'm well past the point where being grungy and sleepless looks punk-rock cute; now i just look super fucking haggard)

still! all this shit is an adventure. it's a good reminder that sometimes i can't plan for everything, and i need to take stuff as it comes. all is as it once was.

if you want to keep up with said adventures, the best place to watch would probably be my twitterfeed; instagram tends to be a bit more of a battery drain, but check it out over the weekend anyway. and i'll definitely be back with a wrapup blog post around monday or tuesday next week.

time to paint my nails black so they're juuuuuuuust the right amount of chipped by friday. tschüss!

[ music | afi, "silver and cold" ]