Saturday, April 8, 2017

keep the right profile

it's time to tighten my shit up, my dudes.

april's going to have to be a lean month for me. although i know well what it's like to live on a shoestring budget - i did it for almost two years, after all - now that i actually have a steady/healthy paycheque again, i've been going a little overboard on the purchases. call it a cathartic release after being so stressed out and constrained for so long. now that i actually have the freedom to be all "i want the thing so i will totally buy the thing", it's getting kind of nuts and i have to rein it in.

(face glitter included, although i love it so. i know that the whole trend right now is "shimmery unicorn illumination" but what about those of us who just want to have giant fucking sparkly pieces of glitter on their faces?)

although i have pretty well all my costs for the rockfest trip in june paid for already, i'll still need to have spending money handy, plus i'll have to pay up for my three nights' stay at the backpackers inn at the end of the weekend. so that's another chunk of cash i'll need to account for going forward, because all that band merch and jagermeister ain't gonna buy itself.

...also, i need to keep in mind that less than a month after rockfest, i'll be heading to chicago for an indy wrestling show with all my ladypeeps, which is going to cost me additional cash. i still hope i'll be able to do it after dying in a small town in quebec, but we'll see where i end up by the end of june.

(as an aside, i'm going to say that it's strange and comforting to realize that i'm back 1) being excited about seeing favourite bands and 2) getting stoked over pro wrestling. apparently returning to the things i loved fiercely when i was 16-17 years old is the key to reclaiming myself.)

but for right now, i have the current tax season haunting me; i have an appointment with an accountant in a couple of weeks to find out just how much i'm going to get gouged on income tax from last year's earnings. although i'm five months removed from the freelance life, i did spend the majority of 2016 working for myself (and, uh, not paying taxes on what i was earning), so now i gotta answer for it. i've already done some preliminary calculations and it's looking to be about the same as 2015, which means i'll end up making healthy installment payments to the canadian government for the next 12 months or so. ugh, the price of adulting.

how does anybody have money for anything?? fuck.

so in april (and likely much of may as well), i'm going to have to narrow it down to only the stuff i really, genuinely need. i actually was in need of new boots (my one-and-a-half year old boots were already blowing holes around the toes and then one of the zippers just popped right off), so i picked up these gorgeous timberlands last weekend:

i had a moment of "oooooomg" when i saw them, because they look virtually identical to my favourite-ever pair of boots that i owned from ages 21 to 23. i loved those boots so much - tall, lace-up front, slight heel, side zip - that when the zipper blew out, i got it replaced, and when the soles worn down, i got them replaced. i ended up calling them my "zombie boots" because i was wearing them long past their best-before date. they just went so well with everything i wore that i was loathe to get rid of them. eventually they were past repair, and i sadly had to dispose of them, and i hadn't found anything close to them since. until now. (dun dun dunnnnn.)

modelling the shitkickers a couple days ago; also making it very easy to guess my two favourite colours.

so yes, these are my new boots, bought on sale(!) and i love them so much already that i am honestly considering going back to buy a second pair for when these ones eventually wear out. i plan on wearing these everywhere until it's too hot out to do so, and maybe even then. (pairing tall boots with a short skirt is pretty much my favourite look ever. anything that makes me look like a video game character, you know?)

this was all a bit meandering and meaningless, but i have wrestling to watch all weekend, so i'm out.

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