Friday, April 14, 2017

cling to what you know

fouuuuuurrrr dayyyyyy weekendddddd

i'm one of the lucky ones, writing to you from my apartment where i plan to do nothing at all for this easter holiday weekend. my family aren't religious and we've never been big easter people (my dad mentioned that my grandmother actually "found easter to be quite depressing"), so i don't feel the pull to go home and eat a ham or whatever. at most, maybe i'll be a bit nostalgic for the egg hunts and chocolate binges of my youth, but that's about it.

(i probably won't be nostalgic for that year i gave myself an endurance challenge of trying to eat an entire two-pound chocolate bunny in one day, though. or the year i watched the series finale of six feet under and openly sobbed for twenty minutes.)

so, filed under "sometimes being an adult is an okay thing": i've got the next four days off, and as i mentioned, i have zero plans beyond the usual weekend errands and chores. i will probably be very lazy when i'm not doing yoga or at the gym, and i'll likely put off doing laundry and showering for as long as possible. plus any days off that give me the excuse to exclusively wear wrestling t-shirts are the best days:

marty has so many cool shirts, it was incredibly hard to pick just one. (i still really want the villain hat.)

my packages have been rolling in as of late, including the above shirt (plus a boss kenny omega tee), my bullet club patch, and my money belt (it's not a fanny pack, it's a lot thinner and and and...damn it, leave me alone). here's my patched money belt - i slapped the patch over the belt's brand logo, lolz:

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check it out in action (with bonus glimpse of my rarely-seen tattooed abdomen!):

i got the belt and patch separately, but i mean, clearly i'm going with the ability to rep bullet club on my hip all festival weekend. i'll be over the moon if i can deliver a few too-sweets while i'm there, too. (it's also not inconceivable that this crowd will actually recognize my right arm's tattoo for what it is - the kill hannah "sniper heart" logo)

anyway, the belt is so i can keep my valuables on my person while also keeping my hands free (and also adhering to rockfest's "no large purses or bags" rule - like, i'm not sure how ironclad that is, but i'm not taking chances), plus it's waterproof in the event that it rains and my entire makeup collapses and i get plastered with mud. rock n' roll.

continuing on the good side, more stuff is coming together for summer fun and/or fun in the next month or so, the most recent being that i've set up my kingston trip for late may. for a while, i wasn't sure if i actually wanted to make the commitment (my savings account has been dropping since i started throwing money at concert and wrestling tickets, plus there are so many travel logistics when it comes to me visiting home, seeing both parents, getting on and off the island, etc.), yet i didn't say anything about it, but then my dad hit me with the "we're really looking forward to seeing you next month!" and my fate was sealed. i mean, it's nice to have family that miss you - i'm the only member of my immediate family who doesn't live in kingston - but like, my parents almost never come to visit me. sigh.

anyway, i booked the train tickets for the may long weekend, which should be a nice time regardless of my grumbling over having to go to and from the island all the time. everybody else is going off to their cottages for the may 2-4, i'm just gonna go back to my hometown and drink all my mom's good wine.

okay that's all from me for now.

(p.s. i tried to do that "post photos of what you look like in 2010/2014/2017" meme, but i couldn't because all three pics honestly could have been taken within a week of each other. now i finally understand why i get a lot of astounded "you look exactly the same" responses when i meet up with people i haven't seen in years. not the worst problem.)

(p.p.s. finally, a bra and underwear set made for me!)

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