Sunday, March 26, 2017

summer dreaming

so in between the last blog post and this one, this happened:

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obvious narrative is obvious: i was so jazzed by the rammstein film that i checked their website to see if they were touring anytime soon. lo and behold, they were playing one province over in only three months' time! (and then, like, only european festivals and a few american dates) faced with either that option or simply waiting until they had a toronto date on the next album tour (whenever that is, and apparently not til 2018), i chose the path staring me right in the face. so in june, i'm off to quebec (and ottawa, where i'll be staying since it's right next door and all of montebello is booked up) for rockfest.

granted, it's a far more expensive path than waiting for a show here; aside from the weekend pass itself, i also have to pay for the greyhound to ottawa, accommodations (but i've booked at a backpacker's inn in downtown ottawa, which keeps the cost down), and an ottawa shuttle bus to get to and from montebello on the friday and saturday. i also forked out big time for the "front stage zone" pass rather than the general admission or reserved seating, because i want to at least be a little comfortable, and the front stage zone pass allows access to a private bar/restroom/tent plus the front stage area (which i'm assuming is close enough to front row, my home and native land). i'm a little spoiled by now, i can admit it.

honestly though, it's no more than i paid for my lollapalooza trip back in 2006 (and i managed to do that on like no money), and i'm way into seeing more of the bands at rockfest than i was at that particular lolla. i'm definitely down to see afi, the offspring (performing ixnay on the hombre! you know i'm gonna scream along to "all i want"), qotsa, pup, grimskunk, the birthday massacre, and plenty others. but yeah, for sure i'm going for rammstein. the website touts this show as being the north american premiere of their new stage production, which like, fuck yes. can't wait to get hit in the face with foam from a giant dick cannon. (please let there still be a giant dick cannon.)

anyway, i'm just super stoked because i haven't been to a big festival proper in ages. i don't count all the toronto music festivals i've been to in the past few years; they usually only required a quick subway ride. it's a completely different adventure when you're travelling to get somewhere and staying for a couple nights of loud rock madness, and man oh man have i missed those days. i've been travelling for bands since i was 17 and i'm always so nostalgic for it.

am i going with anybody? i'm...not sure yet? i have a couple of friends who've expressed interest, but so far i've booked everything only for myself, because 1) i'm impatient and 2) i never really expect to have company. honestly, i'm more than okay going to rockfest by myself (or else just making friends while i'm there), but i do hope i can share the experience with a pal or two. we'll see how it shakes out.

time to go plan out how much black i can wear in june without dying of heatstroke.

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