Tuesday, March 28, 2017

not like before

mwahahaha i love march. i love the weird weather that's happening here, mostly because it feels like winter is still hanging on. yessssss.

see, i'm already feeling a little sad that the beautiful cold weather and snow is leaving us soon. i mean, spring is okay - i like seeing everything go green, and i have nice toronto memories in the springtime - but it's summer that's my nemesis. at least this year i'll be working in an air-conditioned office during the daytime from monday to friday, but the rest of the time will be spent in my godawful overheated apartment. (this can be solved by finally - finally - getting an a/c unit installed, but i've held off because it's going to cost me extra on my rent plus it'll block my window view. i'm ridiculous.)

anyway, if you thought i've calmed down after the previous blog post about being festival-bound, you are incorrect! see, one thing about me is that i'm a weird control freak when it comes to planning trips, even if they're far in the distance (three months isn't all that far, though). i really, really love making packing lists and to-do lists and planning outfits. i hate being caught unawares or without a backup plan for anything, so i'll endlessly go over scenarios in my mind and how i need to prepare.

for example: since the festival website says no bags or "large purses", i'm not willing to take a chance with any of my purses (i'm taking the shuttle bus in from ottawa and it only goes once a day; what would happen if i got told i couldn't enter the festival with my bag?), so i ordered a money belt. yes, pretty much a goddamn fanny pack, but hopefully thinner and less dorky. it may end up being a decision i should have made a long time ago (i hate having to carry a bag at concerts), or it could still end up being dorky. who knows? either way, i'm gonna be stuck with it, since i need something to hold my cash/credit cards/passport/eyeliner.

i'm also way, way excited to do a goth-rock take on the festival hipster look. i'm already planning on a lot of face glitter, red eyeshadow, many necklaces and rubber bracelets, and a headband i have that's a crown of black roses. (god knows how this look will hold up after spending entire days outside in the heat, but we'll find out as we go) and an all-black wardrobe that shows some skin, clearly, because i am a single girl and not above such things. really wish i could take a gamble on this badass spiked crown:

but i'm too afraid security would confiscate it because pointy :(

so with all this advance planning comes the strict knowledge that i need to tighten up my spending; although i can definitely cover the trip's expenses, it means leaner times all around for a bit (aka i don't have as much fun money to buy whatever i want with). however, i feel like i'm pretty well covered, for the moment - i have enough makeup and skin care products, my liquor/wine purchases have gone way down since i stopped drinking at night (i realized how much it was fucking up my sleep patterns, so now i only drink with friends in the early evenings a couple times a week), and i have a good stockpile of bath bombs handy:

never discount the joy of bathing in glitter-filled water.

also - and i ought to feel guilty about this, but i don't - i already had a bunch of wrestling t-shirt orders in the can before i splurged on my rockfest trip. i already received this one:

i had to. i had to. i'm weak.

and if that wasn't enough, i bought not just one but two new t-shirts from pro wrestling tees. i kept thinking of the upcoming warmer weather! i'm sorry! (but they're both gonna look sooooo gooooood.)

sigh. stop shopping, dumbass.

in the meantime, suddenly i've been seeing more (cheap) movies than i have in ages. my father likes to say that i get that from my grandfather, but truthfully, i can't measure up to my dad himself - i think he sees at least one movie in the kingston theatres every week. but i saw logan last weekend, as i already blogged about, and before that, i saw kedi, aka the movie that was made for me - a documentary about the semi-feral street cats of istanbul. i swear, i only cried twice. (and they were "overcome with emotion" tears - i promise, none of the cats die in the film)

plus, i'm fairly sure there'll be an eventual screening of this little gem:

(the movie is called the lure, by the way.)

honestly, i never thought "getting into indie cinema" would have been a thing i'd do in 2017, but there are so many little arthouses around here with a ton of interesting programming that it's hard to resist. i've never needed all the bells and whistles of the hyper-modern theatres; in fact, the overall ticket cost of those showings is super prohibitive to me. i'm much happier paying $10 or less to go to a tiny second-run theatre, or supporting community programming with their creative screenings.

that's all i've got for now. be safe, i love you.

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