Monday, March 13, 2017


hello, we're back. told you i'd stick around! here's my dumb face to prove it:

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i'd like to thank good genes, expensive face care products, and my own unwillingness to dress my age for helping me look far younger than my 33 years.

anyway, it's interesting because even upon reopening this here blog, i do have friends who sort of look at me funny and ask why i'm willing to be so open online. this always kind of gives me pause, because i put a lot of value in their opinions, and if they think i should be more hesitant then it does make me second-guess myself.

...but then again, i remind myself that people (not just my mother) have always been side-eyeing me for my blogging tendencies, and i have always simply shrugged and kept on. this is the only form of self-expression i really know. i just need something more permanent and longer-form than twitter, you know? (but like, follow me there, too)

so now that we're almost rolling on into spring, i've been planning ahead for what i'm going to get up to in the coming months. since i've once again got a steady source of income, i'm able to plan for a lot more things than i was when i was living on the freelancer's poverty line. here's what's on the docket so far:

april: smash wrestling's new girl in town show is the only big thing on my schedule so far (unless you also count my best friend's birthday party, which may or may not be also as big, depending on what she wants to do), and i'm pretty, pretty stoked. i only have a general admission ticket, because i was still pretty poor from paying for a lot of wrestling-related stuff, but i'm hoping i can get a good spot because - they're moving to a new venue, which happens to be one of my oldest clubbing standbys from my early 20's: the phoenix. no more taking two modes of transportation to get to etobicoke! also, this card is insane (so far):

fuck yes.

may: a whole amazing ton of stuff, and a huge reason why i'm trying to lay low and save a lot of money right now while there's nothing really going on. with may comes the wrestling show i am more excited about than anything, ring of honor's war of the worlds here just off the danforth, followed by another smash wrestling show one week later. i'm taking the may 2-4 long weekend to go back to kingston and see my family, but before that happens, i'm going to find the time to get my next tattoo (big hint: it's going to be timed closely with world goth day, may 20th). so a bit of travel, a bit of wrestling, and a bit of new ink. all very good.

june: new wrestling promotion to check out, destiny world wrestling, is bringing in the uk's pete dunne for their show in etobicoke in june, so i kind of have to be there? i mean, for sure i do. it's a hike to get way out to the west side - one reason i'm way excited that smash has moved their shows to downtown - but i feel like it'll be worth it.

july: here comes more of the major fun times - there may be the annual cottage weekend for me and my girlfriends (it might get pushed to august, depending on everyone's schedules), but there's also going to be my return to chicago the weekend of the 15th, this time for (what else) a wrestling event - aaw! this will additionally be my first time meeting up with a number of likeminded female wrestling fans in the area, so not only will i have my regular chicago good times of hanging with my bro and invading every trader joe's i see, but i'll also get to mark out with ladyfriends. hell yes.

august: i'm back to new york for the first time since 2010! and again, for what - a wrestling show, obvs. it's ring of honor's field of honor that month, in which they set up a ring on a baseball diamond in jersey and do an entire show of tv tapings there. it looks so amazingly ridiculous that i can't wait to be there this year, and i'm definitely willing to pay what it takes (although i may go with a flight/hotel combo rather than my other shoestring standby of bus/hostel).

so! that's it so far. in between, i have to keep some money aside for things like dental appointments (not cheap, but significantly cheaper now that i have health coverage through my job), tax season (ughhhhh), and stuff to do around town to keep me busy. it's been fun just taking some time and going to events so i can work on my photography - like so, the winter stations at my old neighbourhood of the beach:

and the toronto light festival down in the distillery district:

i'd made a vow to up my photos this year, so head on over to my instagram for more (and more being added all the time - probably too much, but fuck it).

lastly, a list of my dumbest luxuries lately:

- sephora orders
- bath bombs from lush (particularly intergalactic and the experimenter)
- red wine (this is real good)
- wrestling t-shirts
- getting chinese food delivered

talk to me again in a month when the above luxuries have made me too poor for the above above plans.

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