Monday, January 16, 2017

stand and fight

one difference between me of 2017 and me of 2011: i'm not into doing lengthy blog posts about my breakups anymore. i don't need the open dissection, and i don't need the public audience. it just feels a bit exploitative, really, and i try to do things with respect and kindness instead of the reckless bullshit of my twentysomething years.

but i did want to give an update here, because i've been blogging for like ten goddamn years now, and sometimes it's important. i will say that i've been here before and even though i'm here again, i know who i am, and i know what i want. that's knowledge that i've had to fight for over the years, and it's immeasurable in its worth to me.

i remember thinking today, well, shit. from here on, you stand on your own two feet and you prove yourself.

because i want the whole fucking world.

[ music | florence + the machine, "only if for a night" ]