Saturday, December 31, 2016

where do we begin

since 2016 was such sheer and utter balls, i've noticed a lot of people on social media detailing some good stuff that happened to them in the year past. it's all subjective, i know, and for many of us our positives come from a place of comfort and privilege, but sometimes you just have to find the things that make you happy.

here's positive stuff that happened in 2016 for me to be thankful for:

1. i got a job. i could have hopped out of the freelance life a lot earlier than i did, but to be honest, i didn't think i'd find work i actually enjoyed with colleagues that i liked. it seemed like the exception rather than the norm, and i was doubtful i'd luck out. fortunately, i absolutely did - i love where i work now and i love my colleagues as well. everyone is so awesome, and i'm super excited to get to work on some big stuff in the coming year. it's not even hyperbole for me to say that at least a few times a week, i just feel grateful that i landed this job. full-time job security for 2017 is a big win.

2. i got more into wrestling outside of wwe. this was a bit of surprise to me, because i didn't think it was going to happen. i was pretty happy just caring about the 'e and not getting invested in any other promotions - it was all just too much to get involved with. but it's amazing how your capacity for interest can grow, and mine really took off once i got into ring of honor. from there, i subscribed to the fight network, and ended up tuning in for tna as well. then, buoyed by my newfound and growing non-wwe knowledge, i started going to indy wrestling shows here in toronto. while i still love wwe first and foremost, it's the balance that also helps, and the depth of interest and knowledge that expands beyond what's most popular.

3. i got into ddp yoga. i ordered the dvd set back in july, and i'm still keeping up with the program now. it's been a real godsend for me on the days when i don't want to bother dragging my ass to the gym, and it's helped my garbage knees feel a least a bit better. it feels especially good to stretch out and get flexible after sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. also, bonus: i've really noticed that my arms and legs are much more defined. it might not be a 30-day bodyshred or whatever, but it's a good habit to keep up over time. (plus ddp is an awesome motivator and a super cool yogi)

4. i got more into makeup. i mentioned in the last blog post that i never thought i'd be a "handbags and lipstick" kind of girl, but here we are now - not only do i own three stunning leather bags, but i have a growing collection (and appreciation) of lipsticks. plus, having a steady job also means i can afford to upgrade my drugstore stash, which means i made all kinds of solid beauty discoveries in 2016 (chief among them being the absolutely perfect matte red of make up for ever's m401 hot red by icona pop, and the gorgeously gothy oxblood lip of bite beauty's amuse bouche in liquorice). i feel like this, in turn, is really tying into my being more comfortable with myself and my identity as i move from my "20's look" to my "30's look". it's a huge piece of it, for sure.

5. i got through another year with everyone being okay. "everyone" being my family, friends, and loved ones. as i've been writing about recently, i'm really beginning to notice the fragility of people as we all age, and i'm constantly feeling thankful that everyone in my life is okay. no major health problems, no sudden deaths, nothing on the horizon to fear. every year i can get through without having to be confronted with the tragedy and horror of losing someone i love, the better.

and one more bonus: i found the bodega cats twitter.

the best.

happy 2017 to you and yours!

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