Friday, December 30, 2016

home for christmas

here we go, 2016 christmas recap post before we get into the new year!

it always just goes by so fast, you know? i love the festive feeling of december, looking at all the christmas lights strung up, seeing the pretty displays in stores, knowing that i'll be seeing my family soon for fun times. it's the time of year when everything's winding down, both at work and at home, and you feel encouraged to just chill out and enjoy the season (once the madness of holiday shopping is done, that is). plus for me, there's the added bonus that it's wintertime - my favourite season. so it's a lot of exciting anticipation, and then it seems like it's over as quickly as it came. (that's what she said.)

but as usual, i did very alright at christmas this year - some wonderful wrestling apparel from sean, as well as this bag of my dreams:

(full disclosure: i never thought i'd ever be a handbags-and-lipstick girl, but here we are, me in nearly-2017 with three gorgeous leather bags and almost 30 different lipsticks, and i truly give zero fucks.)

also, got everything i wanted from my family, including a ton of very useful sephora gift cards (spoiler alert: they've all been used up by now), a couple of books i'd asked for, a new pair of apple ear buds, an extensive sewing box put together by my expert-seamstress mother, and a lumee smartphone case - perfect for lighting better selfies:

i'm lucky enough that i've never gone without at christmastime, though i do appreciate how tough it can be to buy presents for a family member who you don't actually know too well. i mean, i haven't lived at home for 14 years, i'm in communication with my siblings next to never, and i talk to my mom maybe three times a month. i can understand how that makes gift-buying hard. but i'm always appreciative (and i personally stick to gift cards when shopping for family).

speaking of family, i'd headed home last friday afternoon for four days on the island in my mom and stepdad's expertly decorated home:

it wasn't quite a white christmas (rainy though), and it wasn't quite a chilled-out relaxing time (too much being shuttled from one family's home to the next, on the ferry and off, etc.), but it was the first christmas i spent in kingston since 2013 plus the first one i'd ever spent on the island, so that was nice.

also, a good reminder not to take me to church services:

and at least i got a few chances to work very slowly at winning over my sister's super-shy tortie:

little queen lily with her mini-me stuffed toy. so sweet.

but then after only four days at home, i had to pack all my stuff up and bundle myself back on the train to toronto. i always get a little melancholy when i leave, most recently for the reasons i detailed in my last entry - because i get sad thinking that this could always be the "last good christmas" before everything irrevocably changes. on a less grim note, i also just get bummed out because it means christmas is over for another year, and it's back to the real world of paying bills and being a grown-ass adult by myself in toronto.

then, you know, i get back to my regular routines with work and yoga and doing whatever i want whenever i want, and i'm reminded that it's a good thing to be a grown-ass adult who can take care of herself. hellllls yeah.

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