Thursday, November 24, 2016

#Reverb16: Give Thanks

Even in the hard years, wonderful things happen. What has filled your heart? What will fill your stomach at the Thanksgiving table?

*pours on the schlock*

for sure, this year has been an absolute trash fire of bullshit. everything is horrible. but you have to always find the bit of the good in between all the bad, and here's what i'm thankful for this past year:

- i'm glad i got even more into wrestling in 2016, including diving in to promotions other than wwe (roh, tna, and even smash wrestling here in toronto). any time you have a thing you love and are passionate about, it just adds an extra bit of happiness to your life. it's a little perk. it also brought me a ton of new friends and an even deeper bonding point with my boyfriend. plus, it continued to give me a community to belong to, which is and has always been important to me.

- i'm super happy i went ahead and ordered the ddp yoga system back in july -- it was a great solution to helping me fix a lot of the crap that's been going weird with my body. plus, it's continued to be a solid option for me to get a workout in daily, especially if i'm too zonked to go the gym after work.

- i'm entirely thankful and grateful that i was hired for the job i got only a few weeks ago. it's insanely hard to land a good job in this crap economy, and the one i got is already proving to be an awesome place full of amazing people, and i'm really, genuinely excited about the work i can do for them.

- big shoutout to the stuff i'm always grateful for: my awesome boyfriend, the continued health of my family and friends, and never having to feel too afraid for what's to come in my life. it's disheartening to think about all the people who don't have the privileges that i have, simply because of my skin colour and sexual orientation and (lack of) religion, and i want to keep educating myself on the experiences of others and how i can be more sensitive and help make it better.

also, our thanksgiving was back in october (plus it was my birthday the same day!), but here's what my plate looked like then:

can i go back in time and eat this again? thanks.