Thursday, October 20, 2016

the colour and the shape

isn't fall the goddamn greatest? here's a wreath my mother made by hand using $3 in supplies from the dollar store:

comparison to the real thing:

also, i'd be remiss if i didn't include a shot of my newest autumn lipstick love, the deep deep purple of bite beauty's amuse bouche in rouge berry:

as i said on twitter, in regular light (read: not hyper-crazy exposure from my living room window) it's such a dark purple that it's almost black, and i love it. (it's also a fun bit of snobbery because it's only available to those who are a part of sephora's vib rouge program, which means i spent an exorbitant amount of money at the store last year) i just want to have some darker shades for fall/winter, you know?

i'm not quite sure where electric blue eyeliner fits in, though.

i'll likely make room.

also in ridiculous beauty product news: i am the queen of samples.

i got this entire bag full of samples for making a $10 donation to the canadian breast cancer foundation through a shoppers drug mart downtown. i was totally sold the minute the cashier showed me how big the bag was, and the fact that it was helping a good cause was even better. see, i am absolutely a sample junkie -- it's one of the big reasons i love sephora so much (they're pretty liberal with samples in store if you ask, and you always get your choice of three free ones when you order online).

but for me, also, it's about being miserly. i like to save money on beauty products, and so small samples are amazing because i can make them last for a few days to a week. i know they're meant to give you a little test of a new product, but i love using them to put off making bigger purchases for as long as possible. i think i've stockpiled so much face/eye cream and serum that i won't need to buy any costly full-size products for at least three months. what a victory 4 me.

live shot of my bathroom cabinet and shelf!


maybe i have a problem.

anyway, in other news, i feel like i've gotten back into the groove after my birthday weekend away. i've been super busy (in a good way) with work, i'm getting out and enjoying the fall colours in my offtime, halloween is coming, toronto wrestling weekend is coming, i'm making sure i get enough sleep, i have a third of a bottle of wine on my counter, and i'm making a more concentrated effort to eat more healthy things (namely cranberry juice, yogurt, and gluten-free bread, although not mixed together -- i also kind of want to get on board the bone broth train, especially as the temperature drops a little more).

it also helps that i got a full bill of health from my doc at my annual physical the other day (health! it's important!), even though both my current on-the-rag symptoms were noticed (bloating and bad skin, sigh). my mother said that my hypochondria can calm down a bit because there's no history of cancer in our family, so i guess i can be relieved, or at least until the next weird ache happens.

later, and stuff.

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