Thursday, September 22, 2016

takes a lot to fly free

here we go, here we go: fall. my most blessed season. i am at my peak power.

i read a thing that brad linked to a couple weeks ago about how people can get seasonal depression in the summer, and that's me to a t. though i don't know if it's depression so much as it is the fact that being too hot and sweaty makes me irritable and angry, and now that temperatures are predicted to reach only a high of 17c(!) next week, i've got an extra spring in my step.

also, my view is gradually becoming this once again, which brings me great joy:

(i had to go back through my iphone's photo album in order to free up some room for the os 10 update, and even though i have one bazillion balcony shots that mostly look the same, i couldn't bring myself to delete any of them -- because one day, i won't live here any more, and i'm going to miss it every day for the rest of my life.)

so right now, it's feeling like the home stretch: the last few weeks before it truly turns into fall in toronto (the best season in the city), and before i go home to see family / celebrate my and my father's birthdays / eat a lot of turkey for canadian thanksgiving. i'm really pushing to keep up with stuff and get lots of work done and be on the top of my game, so that when i get to have those few days away from toronto, they'll feel even better and more relaxing. when you freelance, you have to make your own work calendar, and that includes hyping yourself up for vacations.

and also, there's this:

we've officially got all of our tickets and we're ready to roll. the mania is officially going to kick off on wednesday november 16th with the survivor series edition of wwe trivia night, then the nxt: takeover ppv taping is saturday night, the live recording of the talk is jericho (with aj styles!) podcast is sunday morning, the survivor series ppv taping is sunday night, and the raw taping is monday night. that's three straight days of wrestling tapings. like my tweet said, i may die, but i'm going to go down in a haze of wrestling merch and coffee and shot lungs from shrieking.

sure, all of this is two months away, but it'll be here before you know it. plus, that's two months to prep my liver and learn how to live on very little sleep.

anyway, big ups to all the nice feedback i got on my previous blog post about legacy, and what we try to make out of our lives. i mean, you guys know me (even if it's just through reading this blog); you know that when it comes to the big issues, i don't deal in platitudes or inspirational sayings. if i can write a blog post about deep stuff and have even one person read it and say "wow, i totally feel that way too" then i've hopefully done some good. it's a relief to know you're not the only one who feels weird about life. sometimes you just need to see someone else being transparent and authentic and saying yeah, it's me too.

but really, i feel good about myself at the moment. i'm being super active and staying in shape and/or getting back into shape (it's one or the other), i'm getting plenty of sleep, i'm being proactive about adulting (such as renewing my health card and getting clothes dry-cleaned), i've cut way back on my booze intake, i'm drinking enough water and taking my vitamins, and things are looking up. being somewhat financially stable also helps, for reals.

three things i love right now:

- tabby cat: this chrome extension makes it so that every time you open up a new tab, that tab is occupied by a random cartoon cat with a random name. every now and then, a special or rare cat pops up, and you can obtain little goodies as well (like hats or other accessories to put on the cats). some of them even vibrate with purrs when you mouse over them. i'm not even joking when i say that it makes my internet experience that much better. (space glitterbug, grand rainbow, night eater, admirable casper, evil macaroni, and his majesty, the emperor sparkles are early favourites)

- this delightful little piece about being a university graduate working at a grocery store, and i love it because i could have written it (i too started working as a supermarket cashier as a teen, and continued on for seven years, well into and after my university education). i know exactly those same annoyances, and i even got promoted from cashier to customer service as well. hey writer: it gets better. trust me.

- this:

give it.

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