Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#Reverb16: Nostalgia

As the summer winds down, tell us about your favorite summer memories from this year (or any year). We want to see your freckled faces and tanned skin. Show us your summer.

aside from the island trip i already blogged about, there hasn't...been much happening in my summer, so far. a lot of that is due to the extreme fucking heat; i'm not too keen to leave my apartment when the sun is threatening to scald my skin off, and so any out-and-about plans are pretty muted.

instead, when i think back on summer 2016, i'm going to think of the following:

- lying on my couch and sweating in my underwear with the fan turned on me. one of the much-joked about perks of working from home is getting to do it in your underwear, and i'm definitely living proof -- especially in the extreme heat of this summer. since i don't have air conditioning, i have a lone fan that i turn on myself, and even though it just blows the warm air around, it's still a bit of a relief. thinking of summer 2016 is going to recall a lot of hot nights stretched out on my couch, lazily watching tv and sweating not uncomfortably.

- watching bad tv and drinking vodka sodas in the evening. to add to that, if i've been working all day, i prefer to wind down at night with garbage reality tv shows so i can just turn my brain off -- my current favourites are hoarders and intervention. add in a highball of vodka soda or two (with lime, please) and you have my recipe for relaxation.

- a lot of wrestling. i have been watching a shit ton of wrestling this summer 2016. between smackdown getting moved to tuesdays and the cruiserweight classic on wednesdays, i have three solid nights of 2+ hours of wrestling to watch, and you bet your ass i'm spending a lot of those sweaty evenings on my couch watching pro graps. i'm even enjoying my lazy saturday-night tradition of tuning in to ring of honor, shown in low definition on a cable access channel from buffalo, new york. it's fun to indulge your interests to such an extent.

- doing yoga on my living room floor in the morning. i've been sticking to the ddp yoga program of three workouts a week, sometimes four (though soon it's going to bump up to four a week), and it's especially useful when it's too hot to go to the gym. i don't mind looking like a gross sweaty mess when i'm working out alone in my own home -- even though i'm restricted to doing it early in the morning before my apartment heats up.

- writing in the dark. like, not nighttime dark - not usually, anyway - but if i'm working during the day, i don't bother with the lights on. it makes it a bit cooler inside, even if it's only my imagination. from the time i wake up until about 2 p.m., my apartment is a dark, cool little oasis -- unless it's a heat wave day, in which case no.

also, this is a great fucking song: