Tuesday, August 2, 2016

paragraph nights

i'm back!

as i wrote a couple of entries ago, it feels like an eternity since i got to take a long weekend off somewhere other than toronto, and so this past weekend (technically four days) was spent on the island near kingston with my family. i went into it before, but i hadn't been home since february and my next visit wouldn't have been until thanksgiving in october, so it was a good idea to break it up a little bit.

it may have felt like a quick visit - and i spent friday working from home as well - but i managed to pack a lot in, including getting a trip out on the new speedboat:

this is the view as we motored out of the downtown kingston marina on friday evening. (my stepdad, lover of large and fast vehicles, constantly has boat envy)

driving along the st. lawrence river on our way home. (my mom and stepdad's house is on howe island, which is one of the semi-famous "thousand islands", and it's closer to gananoque than kingston. i actually barely ever get to go to kingston proper when i'm home anymore, which is a bit sad, but i feel like i'm not missing much.)

sunset view!

my family also added to their naval fleet this summer by purchasing a seadoo:

clearly i didn't get to drive it - you need your "pleasure craft" (snicker) license - but it sits three people, so my stepdad took my mom and i out for a spin around the islands on thursday night (i'd had juuuuuust enough wine to be super into it), and then we also went out on a big trip to rockport on saturday afternoon:

here's the view from the seadoo going under the thousand islands bridge that separates canada (ontario) from the united states (new york state). we drove right under this thing and it was way choppy due to all the boat traffic everywhere.

chilling out on the patio with beers at the boathouse inn in rockport, near the border. was especially nice to relax with a couple of radlers after the super bumpy and choppy 1.5-hour ride up the river (but i like super speedy water vehicles, so i wasn't too unhappy with the ride).

snapped after getting in from the 1.5-hour ride all the way back to the house. like an idiot, i didn't think to put sunscreen on before leaving (in fairness, i thought we were only going out for like half an hour), so i ended up with sunburns on my right leg and arm (?) as well as a bit on my nose and forehead. so much for an even complexion. (i kept the crappy red sunglasses, though.)

the rest of the weekend, and the spaces in between, was spent literally just relaxing. it's a good place for it, as you can see here:

i hadn't been to the island house in the summertime - my family's only been there for a little under a year, and i had previously only visited in fall and winter - but i mean, yeah, it's a pretty rad place to be. i was never one of those kids who grew up with a cottage, so i've never really felt like i was missing out when it comes to having a "summer home", but this - a year-round home - is a hell of a good stand-in. and although i'll still only drop by a few times a year as i always have, it's a decent place to just disconnect as much as possible, have a bunch of drinks, and sit around by the water. much needed after the last few hectic months.

it's always a good thing to visit my folks, too. although i spent the entirety of the weekend based at my mom's on the island, i did get out to see my dad a couple of times, and that's guaranteed to make this daddy's girl happy. my four parental figures are all getting up there, and since i do live close enough to my hometown to visit quite frequently (though like i said, it's only ever 3-4 times a year), i'd be remiss if i didn't make the effort. they do a lot to support me even though i'm a grown-ass adult, and if just physically being around is enough to pay them back a little bit, then why not.

lastly, enjoy this picture of smol me (six years old):

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