Wednesday, July 27, 2016

where the city is

quick, picture-heavy blog post ahead: we went to the t&t waterfront night market last weekend!

(picture by sean; his turned out way nicer than mine)

it's funny because the night market has been on my to-do list for ages, especially since i never went to any of the ones in vancouver while i lived there; i also always figured it'd be a nice little trip for the import boy, who has only been down to the cherry beach area once, in like 2012. so when it turned out that he had a saturday off the weekend of the market, i felt like it'd be a good opportunity to join the masses, eat delicious things, and maybe even visit t&t supermarket for the first(!) time. (i'm mildly obsessed with speciality supermarkets.)

speaking of delicious things:

one of my favourites, onigiri, this version being fried rice balls topped with spicy sauce and bonito flakes. they were so ridiculously good, i want to go back in time to eat them again.

sean got his favourite, steamed pork buns. here's the buns being made (along with okonomiyaki, japanese pizzas, in the forefront):

after our food, we wanted taiyaki (fish-shaped waffles stuffed with ice cream):

...except there was a 20-minute wait due to the increasingly long lineups. eh, no thank you. cute lantern, though.

while sean waited in line for taiwanese bean cakes, i walked around a bit and snapped some food prep shots. however, it was gaining on 9 p.m. at this point and the crowds were really ramping up - sean had to abandon his cakes, since it was a 30-minute wait for those - we decided to take off and make a stop at t&t supermarket on the way out (the boy got his goodies there instead -- lots of red bean mochi and white rabbit candies).

also, i'd wanted to go down to the waterfront before sunset so we could walk back and get a nice view of the city all lit up, and success!

so not only was it a lovely evening out, it was also one of those pleasantly warm dark saturday summer nights where everyone seems to be out on the town, and everything's all lit up, and it just feels really, really good to be roaming around the city at night together with the person you love. having a partner in crime for fun new experiences has always been one of the best parts of being in a relationship, to me.

and later that weekend there was pizza, so.

(i had never really decided on my favourite pizza until that point; i more or less realized that "canadian" pizza - usually with pepperoni, bacon bits, mushrooms, and mozzarella - is usually my #1 pick. i care not for your weird pineapple or olives.)

lastly, a tale of two selfies: before leaving the house in 33C weather on saturday...

...and after walking in said 33C weather for a couple of hours:

i'm occasionally surprised at how well the primer -> setting spray -> face makeup -> setting spray combo holds up. (sean even ended up making the above photo his iphone background because he loves it so much. d'awwwwww.)

again, like i was talking about in my last blog post, having a fun-packed life really is up to you. it's your responsibility to find cool things to do, and to actually take the time to do them (thus says i, constantly dismissing facebook event invites). although i make the time for that work-life balance - i need to be able to fund said fun things, after all - it's always been important to me to have stuff on the horizon to look forward to. otherwise, it just feels like a slog with nothing exciting in sight. (it always, always used to be concerts and tours for me, back in the day when i had fewer responsibilities and far more recklessness and not much else in my life except the bands. i miss those days still, sometimes.)

to that extent, coming up throughout august and the fall: the next wwe trivia night, summerslam and nxt takeover: brooklyn, possibly more family hangs, sean's and my annual trip to the canadian national exhibition, wwe nxt's first show in toronto, my birthday/dad's birthday/thanksgiving in october, the dylan moran standup show, and survivor series/iwc crew hangs/meeting sean's brother and sister-in-law for the first time a month before christmas. that ought to take care of my anticipation, for a while.

okay okay now i'm leaving to go pack for tomorrow. i'll be back soon with tales and photos from the thousand islands, and a weekend spent with the fam.

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