Saturday, July 16, 2016

it's all the rage

it me, hater of summertime.

as if the ongoing heat and humidity isn't bad enough, lately i've been torturing myself by thinking about how much i'm looking forward to fall. fall is cool crisp air and bright sunshine, halloween and thanksgiving, stylish fashion choices and a sense of renewal (the ghosts of a new school year beginning, i suppose). there's also a trip to kingston for my birthday and my father's birthday, plus the survivor series ppv taking place here in toronto in november. it's just the superior season in all the best ways.

but first, i have to survive july and august. ughhhhhhh.

to keep me going through the summer - and as a dopey treat to myself for getting through a pretty crazy month of june - i used a bit of cash and bought myself a few things i've wanted for a while now. first, i picked up this small collection of bite beauty mini lipsticks (i actually prefer the mini-sized ones; they apply more easily) with a lip liner, travel bag and compact:

i really love bite's lipsticks, so why not get three small ones with some fun extras instead of a couple big ones? the colours aren't super-daring, i know, but i have tried the bright red on the far right and it looked amazing, so i'm excited for the rest of the kit. pretty soon i'm going to need this makeup bag:


next up: my fourth(!) seth rollins t-shirt.

i've wanted this shirt ever since it came out, but they didn't make it in women's sizes, so i finally just figured whatever, to hell with it, and ordered it in a men's small. time will tell if it'll be wearable as anything more than a sleep shirt or gym shirt - unisex and men's sizes aren't terribly flattering to those of us with tits and defined waistlines - but i'm pretty stoked to have it in my wardrobe anyway. any support for my favourite cartoon-villain wrestler is good support.

lastly, the most important one, as it is something of a long-term investment: i signed up for ddp yoga!

this involved ordering the "max pack" program, so i would get all of the workout dvds and program guide. i'd been mulling it over for a while now, especially since i wasn't sure how i'd fare with a workout i have to do at home (motivation etc.), but i figured i should give it a shot for two reasons: one, i don't need a lot of equipment or too much space, and two, i really really need to work on my flexibility, you guys. i can already feel my knees slowly turning to crap as the years go by, and i'm sure there's a lot of room for improvement with my neck and back as well. i'd heard a lot of praise for yoga, and ddp yoga in particular (also i think ddp was a rad wrestler), and since they had a fourth of july sale on, i took the plunge. time for me to get my breathing and stretching on.

plus, like, my idiot brain routinely wakes me up at 6:15-6:30 every morning anyway. i might as well do something with that time.

anyway, the package arrived on monday, which means i'm already a week into the program (it's 39 weeks, and the "beginner" block involves monday/wednesday/friday workouts). two things i've really noticed: i'm aching in the places i'm supposed to ache (that is, my core and knees especially), and that the beginner workouts actually aren't as difficult as i though they'd be. i'm always apprehensive when it comes to trying a different workout, and i'd never tried yoga before. but as it turns out, i'm far more flexible than i thought, and being reasonably in shape also helps with stamina, holding the poses, and so on. it's surprisingly doable! i'm pleased.

still, i'm definitely struggling with things like proper breathing and some balancing on my knees especially, and holy shitbags am i ever consistently awful at things like planks and push-ups (my core is forever mushy), but hopefully those will get better in time. i've dedicated myself to doing all 39 weeks (and then the "extreme" program that follows), which means by next spring i ought to be flexible as hell.

that's all for now? i'm gonna go get ready to spend a lovely saturday off with the boyfriend. adios.

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