Saturday, April 23, 2016

#Reverb16: April Showers

April is a fickle month. Potential for snow (at least in some places!), lots of rain, and sunny days in the near 80s and windy days in the 40s. April is temperamental, for sure. Are you a fickle person? How so? Or do you sometimes feel moody? How do you deal with moodiness?

i don't know if i'd say that i'm fickle; i tend to have pretty formed opinions on things, and it takes a lot to get me to change my mind. (also, i've always despised hypocrites, and i'd rather not become what i hate.) moody, though? very likely. but really, find me somebody who doesn't get a bit moody from time to time. are they a robot? they're probably a robot.

not a robot.

still, i feel like i've definitely mellowed out over the years. i don't know if i'd say i was a complete hothead when i was younger, but i could be temperamental for sure. i can look back over old blog posts and definitely see times when i would blow something small out of proportion, or moments when i could be all too dramatic about something that wasn't a big deal. and yeah, i'd fly off the handle every now and then. but even as i had some lows, i'd have highs as well, and those times would make my twenties actually seem kinda fun. which is weird to say. (unlike a lot of people in their thirties, i actually do miss my twenties and feel like those were the best years of my life)

but yeah, i don't tend to feel that way as much these days. instead, i can definitely feel it right around my times of the month, which means i have totally become the goddamn stereotype. fortunately, i've been using the clue app for the better part of the last year, and it really has given me a lot of insight into when my real "black mood" days hit. but i don't lash out or anything; i usually get depressed and emotional and down on myself. those are the days i try to distract myself with other things, or at least keep my interactions with others to a minimum.

for me, the #1 key to dealing with rollercoaster moods is to blunt them before they start, which means being physically active every day. every single day. i have a daily routine that includes 1) going out to the gym for a little over an hour, 2) walking at least 10,000 steps, or preferably 3) both, and i swear it helps keep me sane. it's easy for me to feel skittish or cooped up if i'm shut inside and immobile for a long period of time, so i always need to get out for a walk or hit the bike machine for a bit. it helps release some of my pent-up energy, and the fresh air is nice to clear my head.

also good for moodiness: vitamins and supplements. i've been taking 2,000 ui of vitamin d every day since my time in vancouver, when my doc recommended i up my dosage to keep my moods steady when there wouldn't be as much sunshine. i also take a multivitamin daily, plus a wild salmon oil supplement to get my omega-3s. sometimes, if i have cash lying around (editor's note: haahahhhaahhahahaa), i get vitamin b12 and take one of those a day as well. for all i know, these could just be placebos, but i'd rather take them than not. you never know what little thing could actually be making a huge difference.