Tuesday, January 12, 2016

31 Days: Writing Routine

31 Days of Writing Prompts: Tell us about your writing routine.

first and foremost, i'm a morning writer. like, early morning, and i've always been that way. if i'm ever going to write blog posts, it's generally between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., usually before i pack up my stuff and leave for the gym. back in my early twenties, i tended to blog both in the early morning and late night, but these days i've found that my motivation and train of thought tend to leave the station by the time it starts to get dark outside. (also, that is wine time, and i strictly follow the "open bottle, close laptop" rule.) i really do write better if i've got a big mug of coffee next to me, indie 103.1 playing, and something resembling internet silence since nobody's woken up yet.

as for work writing, that can be a little different. for one, i can't write anywhere except my own apartment. i'm aware of how much this sucks, because trust me, i would love to be able to decamp to a coffee shop or the library to get a change of scenery (plus free wifi!). but i tend to write in fits and spurts, and i often need to get up and pace around my apartment for a bit to clear my mind. i wouldn't be able to do that in a public place unless i want to haul my laptop around with me (i'm paranoid about leaving my more costly personal belongings unattended). plus, i really like working in my pajamas, and i definitely can't do that in a cafe. (well, i could, but i refuse to leave the house if i'm not wearing actual clothing.) oh yeah, and unlike blog writing, i need silence for work writing so i can concentrate. you won't exactly get silence in a public place, and i'm too afraid my writing will suffer for the constant distractions.

in 2016, i'd like to try and stretch my comfort boundaries a bit -- say, picking an assignment that i could consider reasonably easy, and using it as a test project for writing in a cafe. see if i can tune out the noise and focus on sitting in one place without having to get up and pace. i'm a big believer in repeated behaviour rewiring the brain to adapt to change and to form good habits, so maybe all i need to do is force myself to do it on a regular basis and i'll get used to it. do you have any tips for me?

also, it would be nice to get in the habit of putting on decent clothes and getting out into the public once in a while. that's a thing i need to work on. (note to self: running errands while wearing your gym gear does not count as decent clothes.)