Tuesday, January 26, 2016

31 Days: Biggest Guilty Pleasure

31 Days of Writing Prompts: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

dudes, i don't know. i'm fairly sure i'm one of those people who "doesn't believe" in guilty pleasures, because if it's something you find pleasurable, you shouldn't feel guilty about it. also, categorizing anything as a guilty pleasure means that someone somewhere determined that certain things aren't good for us, therefore we should be made to feel guilty for enjoying them. which is kind of bullshit, right?

but okay, i'll play along -- here are some things i enjoy that conventional society says i shouldn't:
  • drinking half a bottle of wine in one sitting (amazingly, i've only drunk an entire bottle in one go a couple of times, and i felt lousy every time. i routinely make a single bottle of wine last three days)
  • spending quality time doing absolutely nothing instead of keeping myself busy
  • eating lots of fats (albeit healthy ones)
  • sentimental coming-of-age movies
  • supernatural and/or dystopian teen romance movies
  • stretching right out in bed to take it all over myself (my boyfriend would also add that i steal all of his duvet)
  • making baked goods just to eat the unbaked dough
  • skipping a gym day
  • watching trash tv shows on tlc
  • skipping a gym day to watch trash tv shows on tlc
  • occasionally eating dessert at lunch and dinner
  • enjoying the musical stylings of the band live
and lastly, always this:

(i mean, not that i've ever done heroin, but the sheer relief i feel from cancelling plans is probably my biggest guilty pleasure)