Friday, November 6, 2015

future is a time to think

it's time for knuckle-the-fuck-down november!

in the past - ie. when i had money - november would be my month of doing the no-sugar november challenge with my crossfit box, or doing a straight-up detox/cleanse (douglas laboratories' metabolic rejuvenation is still my one of choice). these days, i still like to take november to be my month of cutting back and saving up for the holiday season. since it comes right between my birthday month of october and the big holiday month of december - plus november's generally cold and boring and nobody does anything anyway - it's always been a good time for me to just take a time-out and reassess my priorities.

here's what i'm holding myself to for these 30 days of november:

1) no booze. yeah, only for a month, but it's going to be good for both my wallet and my waistline. i'm pretty far from my hyper-drunk days, but i can (and do) still put away a couple bottles of wine a week, and it's starting to add up. going a month on dry island will save me money and hopefully reduce the bloat in my face.

2) no snacks. see above re: saving money and also reducing face bloat. but i do need to start eating better; namely, less carby crunchy things and more shoving vegetables in my face. best time to do it is now, before all the holiday temptations start showing up.

3) no sephora purchases. this is a hard one for me, pathetically enough. i'm a huge sucker for sephora's promotional emails and deals, and there's pretty much always something i need. but i really, really have to save all the money i've got in order to have enough cash to cover all of december's expenses (see below), so i know it'll all pay off in the end. it's tough, though, especially when my dumb brain tries to convince me that i need a new face mask. no you don't, you idiot. you're poor. stop it.

fortunately, sean keeps me well stocked in little gifts and surprises:

but here's what's coming up in december to keep me motivated during no-fun november:

1) christmas. i'm a big nerd for christmastime. it's always so festive around the city, and people are in good moods, and i get to have a day of cheer and present-exchanging with my boyfriend. we eat nice snacks and drink mimosas and skype with our families, and it's just a nice occasion.

2) wwe house show on december 30th. as i detailed in an earlier blog post, the boy and i had an absolute fucking blast at the wrestling show back in september -- so much so that we almost immediately bought tickets for the next show, at the end of december. although unfortunately, our mutual fave seth rollins recently suffered a brutal knee injury and won't be back in time for that show (more like 6-9 months...brb crying), we're still gonna go and cheer on our other heel faves. it's going to be a rad time.

3) the big one: chicago, december 17th to the 21st, to see kill hannah's final shows. five days in my happy place. hell yes.

although i've always tried to get out to chicago at least once a year for the last 5-6 years or so, i actually haven't been since fall 2013, so i'm more than stoked for this trip. also, this is going to be the first time i get to take the all-day bus -- it leaves toronto at 8:30 AM and gets into chicago at 8 PM that same day. in the past, i've always taken the 6:30 PM bus from toronto to chicago, which means i arrive at around 5:30 AM. while this was a fun overnight adventure in my early days - though i only ever did it because i could never get time off work to take a whole day of travel, but i can do that now because i am my own boss - i remember last time i did it, in 2013, i felt like shit afterward. because i can't sleep on the bus, it generally leaves me feeling like a bag of ass the next day, and the older i've gotten, the longer it takes me to shake it off. so, in effect, basically my first day in chicago is fucked because i feel so exhausted and awful. (flying is out of the question, as for one it's way more expensive than the bus, and for two i can't deal with flying)

but this time, i'm going to sleep in my own bed, wake up, and get on the bus, and then i'll arrive in chicago that evening for (presumably) another good night's sleep. the following two nights are the kill hannah shows - one friday and one saturday, plus an early acoustic show on the friday as well - and then i'm going to spend sunday and monday hanging out with my chicago brother, shopping, and soaking up the awesomeness that is my favourite american city. i've been there in december twice before, and i know it's more or less a frozen hellscape by then, but it's really neat to be in a major american metropolis during the holiday season. all i remember is that macy's more or less barfs its christmas display all over downtown. (plus yeah, shopping -- i finally get to run amok in trader joe's, excitedly invade my favourite liquor store chain binny's, and use an american sephora gift card i've had for over year)

then late monday afternoon, bus home. i'll get back to toronto around 6:30 AM on tuesday december 22nd, and again with the no-sleep thing, but i don't mind feeling like shit when i'm home. then it's presumably back to work for a couple days til christmas, and all the other good stuff that comes with it -- except i'll be fuelled by american booze and trader joe's snacks.

anyway! the point of my november is to stay in, spend as little money as possible, and get as much work done as i can in order to make good coin for december's expenses. (i still have christmas-present shopping to consider, as well.) so if i feel grumpy and deprived of fun this month, i just have to keep reminding myself that it's for a good cause, and the fun of december will more than make up for it.

that's all for now. enjoy this photo of me wearing my friend's deer-costume antlers on halloween night.

[ music | kill hannah, "beauty in sinking ships" ]